From street style to the runways, scrunchies, barrettes, and other 90s hair accessories dominated NYFW. Editors like Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery 29 and Lauren Caruso of The Zoe Report were spotted donning eye-catching barrettes, and supermodels like Bella Hadid decorated their heads with accessories reminiscent of Clueless. From hair charms that can be popped into tiny, fun braids, to flip clips with funky sayings that add flair and sass to any look, these 90s hair products are must-haves for the fall season.

Hair Charms. Potentially the most fun option of the ten listed here, hair charms can elevate any basic hair look with little effort. Because who doesn’t love something that makes it look like you tried even when you just rolled out of bed and popped the charms into last night’s style?

Barrettes.  If you didn’t grow up wearing flip clips on a daily basis, did you even grow up? These little clips can perfectly hold back baby hairs, bangs, or other annoyances that get in your face throughout the day.

Scrunchies. In the moments when you’re really pushing your wash day, you can make yourself look more put-together by tying up your locks in a scrunchie. Nowadays, the patterns, textures, and colors are simply endless — probably more abundant than in the 90s themselves!

Stretchy Hair Ties. Similar to scrunchies, these stretchy ties can be used to keep your locks out of your face. Trust us, they’ll look ultra 90s-chic when you leave out two strands of bang in front of your face.

Plastic Headbands. When you were a child in the 90s, there was nothing worse than wearing your favorite plastic headband to school, stretching it too far when you were readjusting and hearing that heart-crunching snap of it breaking in half. Luckily, now we’re adults and can justify spending $50 on a more high-quality plastic headband.

Wordy Clips and Pins. While clips and pins are obviously great for making sure you’re holding back selected pieces of hair, they’re also a great accessory that can truly make a statement. Whether you find one with cool embellishments, a jaw-dropping color, or even a fun saying, these can be used to add flair to your look.

Accordion Hairbands. Keep your bangs out of your face with this hair band that can almost look undetectable since it blends in with your locks and simply combs hair back. They leave you with a sleek look that will surely claim you as a 90s hair queen.

Bandana Headbands. Nothing screams the 90s like wearing your favorite bandana headband with a bandana halter top. These headbands are perfect for heading to the gym as they’re made with jersey to help soak up excess sweat and oil. Give them a wash afterwards, and they’re as good as new.

Bar Claw Clips. If you’re looking to put up your hair, but don’t want to be left with marks from scrunchies or stretchy hair ties, this bar claw clip (also known as a “banana clip”) can do just the trick. It’ll capture all your hair — no matter the length or thickness — and keep it back without issue.

Velvet Headbands. Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf with this blue velvet headband (also available in mustard yellow and blush pink). You’ll get a 90s vibe from the velvet but will be instantly met with a dash of modern fashion since it’s branded with the Ferragamo label on the brass buckle.

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