One of the great things about fall is all of the new fashion. There is something so comforting about being able to throw on a denim jacket and your favorite booties when there is a crisp chill in the air–it’s the season you start requiring your clothes to not only look good, but also to protect you from the increasingly cold weather. Fall fashion is truly the pinnacle of trendiness and you always want to look your best, yet still remain true to your style and comfort. Below, we’ve given you the equation for the perfect autumn outfit, using pieces you probably already have in your closet–no math required.

  1. Polished Boots. Whether they are over the knee boots, ankle boots, or heeled booties, it’s not fall without them. You can dress your boots up or down, wear them with leggings, jeans, or dresses, and really make them your own. It doesn’t matter the color or the material, as long as you have your trusty fall boots in your closet, you are good to go!
  2. Form-Fitting Jeans. Even if you’re not a huge lover of jeans, you probably have a few pairs that you break out in the midst of fall’s cool weather. Sometimes it can be tricky to wear jeans in the summer, but once the temperature drops, it is officially denim weather. A dark denim, like this Good American pair looks so beautiful with sweaters for a night out, or try something trendier to really make a look pop.
  3. Pullover Sweaters Sure, sweater weather is what fall fashion is all about, but take it one step further and make sure your sweater is on the autumn color spectrum. This season, try a pullover in brown, yellow, burgundy, or burnt orange. You will feel so much more festive and Instagram-ready!
  4. Chic Leather, Teddy, or (Faux) Fur Jacket. Some people may say that jackets ruin their outfit, but they’re wrong. Sometimes, a jacket IS the outfit and you can really rock it out with something stylish and classic. Faux fur coats are warm and elevate every outfit. Go bolder and try a leopard print. And, for the days you’re feeling a little edgier, throw on a staple leather jacket. Then stick with a warm teddy coat when you’re feeling those cozy vibes for the day.
  5. Structured Hats. This might be a little too trendy for some people, but when you think of your favorite fall fashion blogger, they almost always have a hat on to complete the look. It doesn’t have to be a huge hat, but something extra makes a statement and pulls the outfit together. Whether it’s a neutral-colored fedora or a flirty beanie, give the accessory a try.