This year during NYFW, we were surprised to see office-wear on the streets. Now, when we say “office-wear,” we’re not talking about your typical blazers with a matching pair of slacks. Fashion influencers, designers, editors and everyone in between were seen sporting work-wear all the way from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side — in a much more risqué way than what you’d see in your office.

Biker Shorts

From the waist up, this outfit looks professional, but it’s a total party from the hips down. And the ensemble is even practical, if you wear it during one of fall’s warmer days. These biker shorts are super comfortable, casual, yet stylish at the same time.

Matching Suit — Sans Shirt

What better way to take your work outfit out of the office and into the city than by just removing your top? It instantly makes the look much sexier and more in-your-face, and doesn’t require heading back to your home to change into a different outfit.

Blazer Mini Dress

When you need a dress that looks professional, but is still incredibly stylish, look no further than the blazer dress. You can likely rock this in the office with a pair of leggings and boots (depending on how short it is) then take it to the bar for drinks with the girls afterward.

Oversized Blazer and Printed Dress

For a very high-fashion look, pair your favorite men’s blazer with the most feminine printed dress you own. The contrast really creates a unique style that everyone will be eyeing.

Blazer and Lace Bodysuit

Who says lingerie is only for sexy nights with your partner? Take those lacy bodysuits onto the streets by pairing them with something so far on the opposite end of the spectrum–you guessed it, a blazer. To keep things more casual, you can toss on your favorite pair of vintage jeans, and call it a day.

Oversized Everything

When it comes to blazers and trousers, many think that perfectly tailored pieces are best, but street style proves otherwise. Raid your grandmother’s closet, head to your closest thrift store, and scour the web to find an oversized blazer to pair with pants that are too baggy for a super relaxed professional look. Bonus points if they’re a fun color!

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