We’ve all heard of the “dating rules”–regulations that are followed meticulously by hopeful singles, like a spell bound in blood, or laws carved into stone. The thing is, most of these “rules” are either outdated, or simply don’t do anyone any good. Waiting 3 days to text someone back could backfire, should you be pursuing a partner that values honest communication. Not kissing on the first date might simply not be in line with your values. Below, here are a few common dating rules that we think the world could live without.

  1. Make sure you wait 3 days to text someone back. There’s just something a little childish and manipulative about this one. If you like someone and they text you, there’s no need to play games. Text them back when you’d like! If you’re genuinely busy and out living your life, there might be a delay and that’s fine. But don’t feel you have to stick to this rule to keep someone on their toes. We don’t know anyone who was put off by someone they like texting back too quickly!
  2. When you know, you know. While there are absolutely people who have that feeling that they’ve met “the one” or someone special, this doesn’t have to be the case. Love can build gradually. Don’t feel like there has to be this instant switch when it happens.
  3. Don’t kiss on a first date. This is one of those rules that is down to personal preference and values. If you don’t feel comfortable kissing on a first date, then don’t. But if you want to and it feels right in the moment, go for it!
  4. Be strategic when it comes to dating. Dating shouldn’t feel like it needs to be project-managed. It should be fun! We tend to overcomplicate it too much and it’s really just about putting yourself out there to meet people in a way that feels good for you. If you want to use apps, use them. Get out there and meet people in real life also. Talk to people on an everyday basis. Socialise. Date with a bit more ease and flow and it will become so much more enjoyable and less like a job!
  5. Don’t date someone with baggage. As we get older it’s inevitable that we accumulate some emotional baggage along the way. It’s how we learn and grow. So try not to be put off or refuse to date someone who has gone through some stuff. As long as they’ve worked through it or are working through it in a healthy way, our challenges are ultimately what shape us for the better.

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