The most deliciously cozy and magically nostalgic time of the year is here, and the best way to put yourself in that “let’s make snow angels and sip peppermint hot chocolate instead of coffee” mood is by watching a movie that encapsulates the sweet optimism December brings. Just thinking about your favorite flick puts a smile on your face (go ahead, try to fight it), and even if you’ve watched it 20 times, it still always delivers on the promise to upgrade your mood. With the magic of holiday movies in mind, we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite sustainably-driven denim brands–DL1961–to create a guide on the perfect pants for you, based on your favorite winter movie. Scroll below to find our three picks, and the corresponding styles that will help you beat the cold while looking stylish and sculpted.

Home Alone

There’s no ’90s fabric quite as iconic as velvet (hello slip dresses) and probably no movie that stands out from that era more than Home Alone. Lucky for us (and our freezing legs) the warm and cozy fabric is now a winter style regular. Channel Kevin McCallister with these velvet DL1961 pants (nearly the same color as his sweater from the film!), and even throw in another ‘90s staple—a cropped velvet trucker jacket—to make a set. Who’s warm, comfy and stylish? You are.

The Holiday

We have two words to describe Cameron Diaz’s fashion in The Holiday: Cozy chic. These ultra-flattering cropped jeans will make anyone have long legs just like the actress–and they pair perfectly with sandals (hello warm weather readers in L.A.!) or cold weather booties for those in cooler climates, just like in the movie. Disclaimer: No guarantee that a Jude Law clone will appear with purchase.

A Christmas Prince

Netflix went crazy when this now-classic film hit the streaming platform last year–so much so that it was back with a sequel this season. If you want to snag your own Christmas Prince (or be your own strong and independent Christmas Princess) these DL1961 ankle-length, instasculpt skinny jeans will help upgrade any outfit. Bonus: They pair great with Converse, if you want to steal Amber’s signature casual look.


Want to see more DL1961 styles and read about their sustainability initiatives? Get all of the details here.

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