Curious to know what different people do all day at their 9-5? We’re investigating job titles and diving deeper into day-to-day tasks to get the low-down on exactly what those roles really entail. Not sure how much to ask for your raise? Wondering what a VP in finance does in the afternoon? We’re uncovering the details behind jobs, along with the salaries and tasks that come with them, to help you figure out what you’re interested in. Below, read about how a woman working as the CEO of an impact investing firm spends her day.

Age: 34
City: Dallas, Texas
Industry: Impact Investing
Job Title: Co-Founder/CEO
Years of Experience: 15
College Major: Mathematics at Barnard College

What does your job title mean?

My husband and I founded Beyond Capital in 2009 as a way to combine our backgrounds in finance with our passion to better the world. As CEO, I run the day-to-day operations of our investment fund, which is comprised of eight early-stage social enterprises that align with our mission to aid people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid in the world’s poorest communities. That entails working hand-in-hand with our entrepreneurs, as well as our staff and Board of Directors, to ensure these companies are sustainable and successful in the long run, delivering on their potential to make a difference in their communities as well as one day turn a profit.

What is your morning routine?

I wake up at 7am to an alarm on my iPhone and often sneak a peek at my texts and emails to see if anything is urgent or has changed – I work with teams based in Africa and India, so their days are often ahead of me. I then have breakfast with my husband and son before my four-year-old heads off to school.

At 8am I am…

Diving straight into calls and emails. After feeling caught up, I can then take a quick break at 9am for a barre or yoga class to begin my day feeling strong and centered.

At 11am I am…

If I’m not traveling (which I often am), I’m back in my home office by 11am, scanning emails and working on any projects that need my attention immediately.

What does lunch normally look like for you?

It depends on the day and my schedule. I always try to get a full lunch in, but sometimes it’s easier said than done due to my travel schedule.

At 3pm I am… 

Because Beyond Capital is structured as a nonprofit, we are able to provide pro bono advisory services to our investments. I serve on our due diligence committee and like to take afternoons to continually evaluate our portfolio to ensure we are meeting our standards of social responsibility and commitments of profitability to our investors.

At 5pm I am… 

Typically going over the events of the workday and organizing my calendar for the next day. Because every day is so different and I travel so often (about 40 percent of the year), I need to look far enough in advance to plan out my days, weeks, and, yes, months.

When does a workday end for you? 

When I’m in Dallas, I try to stop work around 6pm; however, when I’m traveling, it’s generally because we’re hosting an event, so it’s often a (much) longer day.

What do you do after work?

When I’m home, I have dinner with my family and then I put my son to bed by 7:30pm. I’ll finish up any last-minute emails or arrangements by 8-8:30pm because it is my goal to have lights out by 10pm. Rest and rejuvenation are very important to me.

What do you do before bed?

Lights are out at 10pm on an average night. Before going to bed, my husband and I will use our infrared sauna that we bought on Amazon and set up in our garage. It’s incredibly detoxifying and relaxing. Afterwards, I will watch an entertaining show, listen to a podcast, or read a book to encourage my brain to wind down for the night.

Is there anything you’d like people to know?

I believe impact investing is a mindset, and I want to dispel the misconception that it is an opportunity only available to a select few. To that end, my job is dependent on our partnerships — with our entrepreneurs (who are all in the startup phase of their endeavors), our investors, and our board members, all of whom bring their boundless passions and talents to our team. We are also in the process of launching our Ambassador Platform, which will more directly connect aspiring impact investors with our team and our diverse range of investments.

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