With Christmas just days away, holiday movies are bound to be on a loop in homes across the globe. With their magical storylines, cozy characters, and sometimes cheesy plot twists, they are the perfect cure for anyone’s stressful work week. But as unrealistic as most of these movies seem, some holiday films actually contain important love and life sessions that can be easy to miss behind the glossy treats and snow-filled landscapes. To unpack some of these lessons, we’ve called upon our relationship expert, Laura Yates, to share seven holiday movies that contain important takeaways we can all relate to.


Buddy the Elf has an ability to get any of us into the holiday spirit (even if it’s begrudgingly!). However, the movie represents so much more than this. It teaches us the importance of discovering who we are, embracing and being truly proud of ourselves. It reminds us to not be afraid to indulge in our passions and what lights us up – despite the nay-sayers who might laugh or criticize. This movie also reminds us about the importance of family and how our loved ones should always be cherished and prioritized.


The Holiday

If you’re feeling despondent about love, The Holiday is sure to give you a hit of faith that all is not lost! (It also features a very handsome Jude Law…but that’s an aside!). This movie really shows us that love is always out there. Even when it feels like the prospect of it is hopeless, you have to keep moving forwards and embrace the unexpected. Sometimes, a twist of fate can bring us the love and happiness we’ve always been searching for.


It’s a Wonderful Life

A true classic that can’t be revisited enough at Christmas time! This movie reminds us how important we are to one another. It also teaches us the power of kindness, community and how we can be so beautifully rewarded through sacrifice and love.


A Christmas Carol

The holidays are magical and whilst receiving gifts are great, at its heart, Christmas really isn’t about the fancy bells and whistles. Scrooge teaches us how the act of kindness towards others can actually be the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It can create friendship, love, community, inner fulfillment and the true essence of goodwill.


Miracle on 34th Street

When the world seems so full of unhappiness, Miracle on 34th Street reminds us that even when it feels like there is so much wrong in the world and when it doubts us, we have to keep believing in the magic! When we do, the most incredible things can happen.


Love Actually

Love Actually is one of those films where we can all relate in some way to one of the characters or their situations. There are so many intertwined stories, but what is so poignant about this movie, is that each character and storyline has hidden depth. It shows that none of us live completely perfect lives and that accumulating some emotional baggage along the way is normal and what makes us human. People are dealing with far more than what meets the eye. It ultimately teaches us to have compassion and understanding in romantic, family and platonic relationships.


Christmas Inheritance

This movie is definitely one of those you might love to hate but it still has a lesson we can take something from! It shows us that life and Christmas isn’t just about parties, gifts and having fun. It teaches us the importance of staying humble, being open to help others, even if that means going way out of our comfort zone and also, that we can fall in love with the most unexpected of people!

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