Ever wonder what we’re up to over here at Newsette HQ? We’re always busy planning cool, unique experiences for our Newsette Network members, and we want to let you in on all of the fun things we do every week! The start of the new year came with many fun experiences, from getting facial workouts at FaceGym to hearing from girl bosses during our wellness panel with Highpoint, Co. Need some convincing to join the Network? Check out our monthly roundup to get an inside look – and some inspiration to sign up!


From the minute you walk into FaceGym, you know it is not going to be your typical facial treatment. Most facials include a spa with the typical relaxing music playing lightly in the background. Upon entering FaceGym at their new NoHo location, I was surprised to hear the latest rap and pop hits instead. The energy was incredibly high from the minute you stepped in, to the minute you left. FaceGym isn’t just a fun title. If you’re planning to make an appointment, make sure you’re ready for your face to get a real workout, exercise ball and all.



Our career-focused members are always on the lookout for new professional opportunities–so we offered an online resume-building workshop where Newsette Network members could get feedback on their resumes and have five of their most pressing professional questions answered by an expert. Our members walked away with notes and answers that will help them in landing their dream jobs.


To cap off our January events, we had the pleasure of working with HighPoint Co. for a wellness panel and acupuncture workshop. We were welcomed with drinks from Usual Wines as we sat down, ready to hear from the amazing women working for Y7 Studio, The Body Stone, CUUP, and HEYDAY. This was an incredible and unique experience where our Network members were able to hear about the day-to-day lives of these boss women and learn about their inspiring journeys. We were then able to hear from the HighPoint Founders about the amazing benefits of acupuncture and the exciting new studio that they will be opening in the spring of 2019! Following the panel, the Network members were able to experience a bit of acupuncture themselves. Although the needles might look scary, it was quick, painless, and extremely relaxing! We highly recommend it.

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