Kiana Cabell and Gigi Goldman are the co-founders of Kopari, the clean beauty company with a cult following, sold in over 2,000 stores. Kopari’s products are made from 100% pure, organic, and sustainably sourced coconut oil, from a small farm in the Philippines. Kiana was born in Hawaii, then attended a health-focused culinary school at New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute. She’s also mother to a 17-month-old baby girl. Having grown up with coconut as a staple in her household, Kiana saw a gap in the beauty market, and worked with industry veterans James Brennan, Bryce Goldman and his wife Gigi Goldman to create the industry’s first coconut-powered beauty brand. Since co-founding Kopari, Gigi has focused on North America and global retail strategy for the brand, as well as marketing, and product pipeline strategy. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she was a stay-at-home mom to three kids, who used coconut oil and coconut water in her daily cooking routine. We asked these impressive co-founders to tell us how they make time for self-care during their busy days. Find Gigi and Kiana’s answers below. 

Bad habits you’ve cut from your daily routine?

Kiana: Drinking. I try to limit it to special occasions to stay focused. Being hungover these days is too much 😛

Gigi: Saying YES to everything. I have realized this isn’t healthy for me or my family. I look at my life and ask myself what are my top three priorities and I try to only commit to things that align with those. No is an important and powerful word.

Good habits you’ve added?

Kiana: Drinking more water. I really try to make a conscious effort to drink more water… it seems like it would be so easy but I often get caught up and don’t stay hydrated. Also, taking time for myself. It is so important to prioritize you. I love doing something that is a challenge both mentally and physically.

Gigi: I exercise at least 4 times a week. I see it as a treat, not a task. I love the Peloton, hot yoga and running. It makes me feel energetic, happy and thankful for my body.  I have also started meditating. The practice is really calming, helps me to focus on what is important and reminds me to not sweat the small stuff.

How do you take care of yourself throughout the day?

Kiana: I try to get out and do something active almost every day. I especially love doing power yoga, because it gets my heart rate up, while still being calming. Exercising a few times a week is so important for your skin because it increases blood flow and helps nourish your skin from within.

Gigi: I always try to start my day with exercise and lots of family time! They make it all worth it!

Are there any activities that help you relax?

Kiana: I love going to the farmers’ market and cooking a good meal. Cooking to me is very soothing. I also try to use my infrared sauna twice a week. It’s the perfect time to listen to podcasts that inspire while just relaxing.

Gigi: I try to meditate each morning for at least 15 minutes. It really sets my whole day up for success from there. Also, breathing exercises are a great quick way to calm down.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Kiana: I sleep about 8 hours a night. I’m a pretty good sleeper and am a morning person (luckily, because my daughter wakes up at 5:30am).

Gigi: I am the best sleeper and always have been. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I sleep 8 hours a day and love every minute.

Do you have a favorite wellness trend?

Kiana: I am loving this trend towards cleaning up all aspects of your medicine cabinet. It’s not just your skincare routine anymore. With the introduction of good, toxin-free personal care products, it makes it so much easier. We wouldn’t eat toxins, so why are we putting them in our mouths and bodies? We are especially committed to this trend at Kopari, which is why we’re devoting 2019 to expanding our toxin-free Personal Care line with the recent launch of our Coconut Toothpaste collection, as well as expanding our Coconut Deodorant offerings to three additional scents by mid-year.

Gigi: Oil pulling! Many people are not familiar with it, but oil pulling is an ancient practice originating from Ayurveda medicine and used to detoxify the mouth and body. Oil pulling not only cleanses your mouth and increases your overall health, but it naturally whitens your teeth and gives you an amazing smile. I love to use our Coco Oil Pullers, which come in three different flavors, every day when I’m in the shower because they have become a relaxing habit for me that leaves me with a brighter smile.

What is your favorite healthy food?

Kiana: I am a huge fan of Acai and love to start my day with an Acai bowl. It’s not only full of nutrients and fuels me for my day, but it reminds me of home in Oahu!

Gigi: I love salad, avocado anything, and fish. For the most part, I eat everything and really try to focus on what my body needs to nourish it throughout the day.

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