Ashley Ford is the host of PROFILE by BuzzFeed News for Facebook Watch, during which she interviews interesting people in movies, television, sports, literature, and politics. Besides being the face of this popular series, Ashley is truly a multi-hyphenate. At the end of last year, she acted as interim executive editor of OUT magazine, got married, graduated from college, and gave the commencement speech. Oh, and she also has a memoir called Somebody’s Daughter coming out. No big deal. Of her busy end of year, Ashley says, “It was too much. I’m sleeping more in 2019.” Below, this multi-tasking boss tells us what other measures she’s taking to prioritize self-care this year.

Bad habits you’ve cut from your daily routine?

  1. Cleaning to avoid writing.
  2. Putting milk in my coffee. Too lactose intolerant to play with that white fire anymore.
  3. Staying up so late I get delirious and whiny like a two-hundred-pound toddler.
  4. Literally hiding from my problems.

Good habits you’ve added?

  1. Slow restorative mornings: Meditation, tea, and journaling.
  2. Reading before bed and in bed.
  3. Scheduling time to do nothing.
  4. My assistant. I don’t know if she counts, but she’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

How do you take care of yourself throughout the day?

I still struggle with this, but I try to be honest with the people around me about what and how I’m feeling, and that seems to help. Turns out quietly stewing or trying to fix everything yourself before you let anyone know—especially the people whose job it is to help you—that you’re overwhelmed, confused, or not in a great place doesn’t actually help! Who knew? Now, I ask for help. Or I try. I get a little better at it every day.

Are there any activities or hobbies you do to help de-stress?

I love just putting on my headphones and going for a long walk. I don’t even always listen to anything in my headphones, I just enjoy the way they mute the hard edges of the world for a little bit, so I can just glide around and take things in visually. Now that I have a dog, his presence is really calming, and my walking enjoyment increased tenfold.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Oh, I’m a great sleeper now. I get 7 hours minimum. Usually a full 8 to 9. I used to struggle with calming down enough to get to sleep at night, but reading, journaling, and staying away from screens after a certain time has really helped with those issues.

Do you have a favorite wellness trend?

Is lingerie for big bitches part of the wellness trend? If so, that’s my favorite part. My back-up fave is more of an emphasis on emotional intelligence which is so important, and super neglected as a societal function. So many of society’s ills, at their root, are really about what we can’t admit to ourselves about ourselves, our communities, or the world.

What is your favorite healthy food?

I’ll eat a combination of sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and black beans in most anything. I try not to break down my foods into labels like “healthy” or “unhealthy.” Instead, I eat what makes me physically feel good or gives me immense pleasure. Both are healthy parts of a happy existence.