Kerry Pieri is the Fashion & Features Director of, a position she’s held in some capacity for seven years. Of her impressive role, she says, “Every day is a little bit different, but overall I oversee the fashion vertical on the site, which can mean coordinating and mood-boarding big shoots one day, writing an op-ed on a relevant trend the next or doing a market round up with influencer images.” Besides being a media boss, Kerry has an 18-month-old baby girl, and admits to “spending a little too much time on Instagram—but it’s part of my job!” Wondering what a director at a major platform does to wind down? She shares her nightly routine below.

6:30 P.M. I arrive at home. I am #blessed to have a husband who has taken charge of dinner. He is a health coach, so he makes us delicious, organic meals. We’re gluten-free, but not vegetarian. My daughter Lila eats what we eat, so we usually just sit and have a nice family dinner together, something like roast chicken with carrots and potatoes, or salmon, baked French fries and broccoli, or pulled pork with roasted peppers and onions on plantain tortillas, or chicken, rice and mushroom bowls with feta.

7 P.M. We clean up after dinner and I get my time with Lila. 18 months is such a fun age – she just makes me laugh a ton. I basically let her cruise around and we talk and snuggle, dance, listen to music (we’re into the new James Blake album, Britney Spears always, Motown, and a mix I found called Waking Up in Tulum on Spotify) and chill. She still gets a bath in the sink and then I get her in cozy mode to wind down.

8 P.M. Lila gets her bottle and we read many, many books. We put her in bed before 8:30pm. If I have a work dinner or event, I try to wait until about 8:00pm to go so I can still hang with my babe and husband and get her ready for bed before I head back out into the real world.

8:30 P.M. I’m on my phone to catch up on emails and Slack to see if there’s anything that needs my attention ASAP. If it’s a really busy time, I may need to get back on my laptop for a bit. I also check Insta, because that’s where the inspo lives now. I also like to respond to people who comment on my feed and stories—I update it pretty regularly.

9 P.M. After work is all set, I brush my teeth and do my little beauty routine. I wash my face with Pixi Rosewater wipes and a micellar water, spray with Christine Chin toner, and then use a mix of Drunk Elephant and Dr. Loretta serums like Glycerin or Vitamin C, finished with a moisturizer from one of these brands as well.

9:30 P.M. Phew, now I just get to relax. I have time usually to watch one show and what that is changes all the time. I just finished You on Netflix, the Fyre festival documentaries, and I do like a good Real Housewives episode (Beverly Hills and New York are my favorite). I do some yoga stretches while I’m still in the living room and then I get in bed to read for a bit around 10:30pm on my iPad so I don’t need to turn any lights on. I’m currently reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller.

11 P.M. I’m usually asleep around 11/11:15pm because Lila wakes up around 7am and mama needs a solid 8 hours. I do not deal well with sleep deprivation – a lesson I learned all too well about 18-12 (OK, more like 9) months ago!