Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd are the co-founders of The Laundress, the eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products. Before they started the brand, these founders worked in luxury fashion, with Lindsey in Chanel’s Ready-to-Wear division, and Gwen as a senior designer at Ralph Lauren. It was at their jobs that these founders realized that even the most luxurious clothing was still being laundered with chemical-ridden, mass-produced products. That was when the idea for their targeted, eco-friendly company was born. And it was recently acquired for a reported $100 million. Gwen spearheads brand creation, including branding and product design, product development, and production. She currently lives in Greenwich Village with her husband, and is admittedly “not a morning person.” As for Lindsey, entrepreneurship runs in her blood—her parents, brother, and husband have all started businesses. She leads all global sales, branding, digital communication, and marketing for The Laundress. But, “my most important job is as a mom of two, so my mornings never look the same and I am ok with that! As a mom and female entrepreneur, you learn the art of flexibility and how to roll with it.” Wondering what these extremely successful bosses do to kick off their busy mornings? Keep scrolling to find out.

6:40 A.M.

Gwen: I wake up just in time to watch the news. This is what I call my languishing time. My husband knows not to talk to me yet until I’m done here. Except he brings me our morning glass of warm water with lime. This is a morning ritual we adopted from one of our favorite spas in Thailand. It helps complete your digestion from the night and start your stomach off right for the day.

In bed I watch In The Papers, the morning round-up of highlights in the papers on NY 1. That is over by 6:50am and I flip to CBS to see the weather and catch the Morning Eye Opener at 7am. This is all the news I get for the day- I am a diehard for my Blackberry- so I don’t get buzzed with feeds and news throughout the day…just copious amounts of email.

Lindsey: I wake up between 6 and 7am, depending on my workout class and which child I am taking to school that day. My son is in preschool and my daughter is in 2nd grade, so their drop-off times are different.

7:05 A.M.

Gwen: I’m out of bed, teeth brushed and gym clothes on, and if I’m drinking a detox protein shake that morning, I will go zip it up in the Ninja.

Lindsey: I hop in the shower.

7:20 A.M.

Gwen: In the cab to the gym. I scroll through my iPad, deleting message clutter and scanning the emails that came in from overseas.

7:30 A.M.

Gwen: Cardio time at Iconoclast FitnessDepending if I am running or on the elliptical, I might continue digging through emails or enjoy the time listening to “How I Built This.” The latter is more preferable…

8:00 A.M.

Gwen: Training for the next hour. I started training with Ngo Okafor at Iconoclast Fitness just after Thanksgiving. He is the master of transformation work. I haven’t felt or looked as good since my wedding 3 years ago.    

Lindsey: I prepare the kids and drop them off at school.

9:00 A.M.

Gwen: I am not fussy, I shower in the locker room, where I keep my must-have toiletries and makeup essentials, Malin & Goetz Body Wash, Mason Pearson hairbrush, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, and Lancôme mascara.

Lindsey: I head to the office with smoothie and coffee in hand.

9:15 A.M.

Gwen: I’m off. I walk on 28th street through what is left of the flower district. Seeing the flowers and plants on the street no matter what season is always a treat to start the day. Sometimes I stop in one of my go-to places to pick up something for the week, for a friend, or for the weekend to enjoy or to repot a plant for home or for our store on Prince Street.

9:25 A.M.

Gwen: Meditation. I duck into the church down the block from our office for my 20-minute meditation practice. While I am always in a rush all the time, this time helps me clear my head and get organized and centered for the day.

9:50 A.M.

Gwen: Work. I’m at my desk with my protein shake to begin the next phase of my day.

Lindsey: Work, work, work.