Erin Lim is the host of the wildly popular E! show The Rundown on Snapchat. Her series on the social media giant is so successful, it airs three days a week, and boasts over 13 million viewers. You might have also seen Erin on E! News weeknights at 7pm, or as a correspondent for various award shows. This half-Filipino and half-Mexican media boss got her start in the entertainment industry when she moved to Singapore to start her career as a host at age twenty-two, starred on a TV show there, and then worked at E! News Asia. That gig led her straight to her dream job at E! in Hollywood. And the rest is history. Erin now covers all things entertainment, and recently interviewed the cast of Avengers: Endgame. We asked this E! star to take us through a typical morning in a day of filming–find her workout and smoothie-filled routine below. 

6:01 A.M. This is the time the alarm is set, but of course I gotta let it snooze for that solid 9 minutes. So 6:10am is usually when I’m UP. I try to get a 7am workout in 4x a week. Mon/Wed/Fri, I do resistance interval training with my trainer Hannah Jackson and 1 day a week I do SoulCycle with Angela Manuel-Davis. If it’s not a workout in the morning, then I’m in the studio at 6:30am doing E!’s Daily Pop (which is live weekdays at 12pm ET/PT).

8:00 A.M. I’m showering and getting ready for work. I’m meditating and praying with my eyes closed standing in the shower all while boiling water for that apple cider vinegar goodness. 1 tablespoon ACV in hot water with lemon is the kickstarter for me.

I use basic shampoo and conditioner and a regular bar of soap or bath wash– nothing to see here folks. I do love Tatcha’s cleansing oil and rice enzyme powder though!

8:30 A.M. Drinking a protein smoothie on my way to work. Either “The Flaxmaster” from Earthbar or a Daily Harvest smoothie. Yummmm. Key ingredient in all my smoothies is Bulletproof Brain Octane. (You’ll thank me later.) I’m usually wearing my fave Peter Thomas Roth eye patches. Nothing makes me feel better about being up early than those things.

8:45 A.M. Sitting in traffic…because LA!

9:00 A.M. At this point I’m in the glam chair at work getting my hair and makeup done by the talented makeup and hairstylists from E!. (I know, I know–hard life.) Seriously though I’m really grateful, because I SUCK at doing my own makeup. So while that’s happening I’m going through emails and researching the news of the day and preparing for the show I’m on–whether that’s The Rundown, E! News, Live from E!, or Daily Pop.

9:30 A.M. Sippin’ on an oat milk matcha latte whilst listening to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”…this is my go-to pump up jam to get that adrenaline rushing! 

10:00 A.M. By now I’m getting dressed for the show. If I have 3 shows that day…I’m in 3 different fits! The Rundown is a little more relaxed and casual attire. Sometimes I wear sneakers, sometimes I wear heels. Sometimes I’m barefoot! For E! News I’m polished and profesh in a dress or a jumpsuit. Once I’m dressed I’m off to the races!


**All products listed are not for paid endorsements. I’m only giving away my secrets and promoting what I genuinely use/love.