Michelle Cordeiro Grant is the trailblazing Founder & CEO behind LIVELY, the direct-to-you bra and underwear brand that believes stylish underwear doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. In addition to featuring real women with diverse body sizes to model their products, LIVELY is giving the lingerie category a much-needed refresh by combining high-style and comfort to create their own unique brand of Leisurée (aka athleisure for lingerie). Along with being a disruptor in the lingerie world, Michelle is also a wife and mother who is passionate about empowering others through her business. Ready to see how this multi-hyphenate preps for a busy day at the LIVELY office? See Michelle’s morning routine below, and shop LIVELY (including 15% off your first purchase for Newsette readers!) here.

Prep the Night Before: 

  1. Coffee FIRST! I use the scheduling feature on our coffee maker and set it the night before, so it’s brewed and ready before I open my eyes. 
  2. The night before, I always check my calendar to make sure I’m mentally prepared for the next day, and plan my outfit which usually includes my two faves: The All-Day Bodysuit or The No-wire Push-up. It’s one less thing I have to do in the morning.

7:00 A.M: I usually start my day with a gorgeous “good morning!” from my daughter and son. Then it’s coffee time, and my husband and I play tag team to get ourselves and the kids ready for the day. 

7:30 A.M: One thing I try to do every morning regardless of busy schedules is to spend time with myself (20 mins or 1 hour). It ranges from walking to work, taking a fitness class, or just doing a 2 mile run. It’s my time to give gratitude and acknowledge why I do it all. Somewhere along the way, I roll on Jasmine. Sea. Sun. as a little self care moment to myself. Then I make Lydia and Jack’s breakfast special, ranging from waffles to yogurt or mom’s special cereal (Cheerios). 

8:00 A.M: Sometimes when the schedule and circumstances permit it, I’ll pop down to the Drybar that’s on my block. It’s equal parts convenience and “me time.” I typically maximize the time by working through emails and reflecting on the day ahead. Regardless, I always take a quick scan of the business, review the data, and re-prioritize as needed.

8:30 A.M: My husband and I alternate dropping our kids off at school. I walk to school with my daughter Lydia, which is when we talk about “her schedule” and what she has going on for the day… sometimes it’s all about ballet or the upcoming talent show. It’s important for me to know, so I can follow up towards the end of the day and ask her how those things went. After school duties, depending on what’s on my calendar, I’ll jump in an Uber/Lyft or the subway. 

10 A.M: By 10 A.M., my day is in full swing, and I’m working through tasks at hand for the day, alongside the team at LIVELY.