Monica Vinader is the Founder and CEO of her popular namesake jewelry company, beloved by clients like Kate Middleton and Claire Foy. Eleven years ago, she saw a gap between fashion and fine jewelry, and wanted to create an accessible, high-quality, relevant line for the modern-day empowered woman who buys her own pieces. Nowadays, Monica’s brand is sold at top retailers like Net-a-Porter, and even has a gorgeous store in SoHo. Inspired by, “vintage jewelry, museums, archeological finds, sculptures, and contemporary architecture” Monica’s designs are truly unique. We asked this entrepreneur what a typical night in her life looks like. She shares her nightly routine below. 

6 P.M. Although every day is different, this is usually when I try to wind down from my work day. I enjoy going to the gym or a yoga class at this time.  A lot of my day is running from meeting to meeting so it is important to me to be physical and get centered.

7 P.M. If the weather is cooperating, I have supper in the garden with my husband and my daughter  – we love fish and fresh veggies. Afterwards, we’ll either take a walk on the beach or a scenic drive in my new car – a 1977 bright yellow Fiat convertible  – it’s the perfect way to end a busy day!

8 P.M. My nighttime beauty routine is pretty simple. I’ll usually take a warm bath and use my favorite skincare products by Marie Reynolds – I’m particularly fond of using the Restore Mask followed by the Anoint Oil.

9 P.M. Before bed I like to do three things to help wind my body and mind down before going to sleep – I’ll enjoy a cup of jasmine tea, catch up on my reading and listen to the Headspace app, which really helps clear my mind so I can fall asleep more easily.

10 P.M. Time for bed. I am an early riser – so my head is always on the pillow by 10pm.