Jasmin Larian is the founder of Cult Gaia, a fashion brand with a cult following, known for its unique, heirloom-worthy pieces. Its most recognizable product is perhaps the “Ark” bag, a half-moon, bamboo creation that has been carried by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Beyoncé. With accessories that look more like works of art, and clothes that are always daring in design, it’s no wonder the company has a staggering half a million followers on Instagram alone. So, how did Jasmin start such a popular line? Creation is in her blood–her mother was a fashion designer, and her father developed the Bratz dolls. She also honed her skills at Narciso Rodriguez and Jason Wu, before taking the plunge and becoming an entrepreneur. Below, this celebrated founder tells us what a morning in her L.A. life looks like.

Time you wake up: 7am, because that is usually when my 14-month-old son Lev wakes up. We cuddle, I give him milk, and check my emails.

8:00 A.M.  Some days I like to sneak a quick workout in before I get my day started at work. You’ll find me at Model Fit or Carries Pilates plus, I like to switch between the two studios. If I have a workout it’s usually at 8am or 7am so I can be in the office no later than 9:30am.

8:30 A.M. If I’m not working out, I am taking Lev on a walk, giving him breakfast or just playing with him. I try not to pay attention to my phone because I prefer to spend quality time with my son.

8:45 A.M. It’s time to go to work. I browse quickly through my calendar and my e-mails to have a feel for what my day will look like. I get ready for work, apply my Drunk Elephant face wash daily, and I never leave the house without Verabella sunscreen before I start applying my makeup. My daily makeup routine is very simple and light: I use my Tom Ford blush, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting pencil and finally, my Nars concealer, and I’m ready to walk out!

9:00 A.M. I enjoy walking to work daily—luckily, I live very close and it’s my chosen commute. Some days Lev comes with me to work. I enjoy having him around in the office and my team loves it too! Other days, my mom visits me in the morning, we have coffee together, and she babysits Lev while I’m at the office.

9:30 A.M. First thing I do when I arrive at work is respond to emails and take calls. I scan through my to-do list and ensure that all tasks are being completed and deadlines are met before I prepare myself for my meetings. I usually have my second coffee for the day; it’s always my favorite iced almond latte from King’s Road.

10 A.M. This is when my meetings for the day begin.

I usually have my touch base meetings with different departments (Design, Marketing, Sales etc.) and go over our short and long-term goals. I like to oversee different departments to see if they have any questions and to ensure that our vision for the season we’re working on is translated into our designs. I am very involved in every piece we make! We just finished working on our latest R20 collection, which I’m very excited about. It launches in November.