Elise Loehnen is the Chief Content Officer at goop, one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands. She’s also the co-host of the podcast we listen to every morning for an inspirational boost, The goop Podcast. In her role as CCO, Elise leads the content team, which includes goop’s book imprint, newsletter, podcasts, marketing, and TV projects. Previously, Elise held impressive roles at Conde Nast, including Editor at Large and Deputy Editor of Lucky Magazine. After meeting Elise at a Newsette x Twitter panel last year, and being inspired by both her curiosity and expertise, we wanted to know how this mom-of-two native Montanan spends a typical morning. She gives us a peek into her A.M. routine below.

Time you wake up: Anytime between 5:40-6:30am, depending on whether I’m woken by an alarm or a kid in a crib.

7:00 A.M. Make my oldest son, Max, breakfast and pack his school lunch; sometimes we do homework if we forgot to do it the night before. I drop him off at 7:35am, which seems critical! 

8:00 A.M. Tracy Anderson for 50 minutes—I try to leave it all out on the dance floor at least a few times a week. It dramatically improves my mood and always feels cathartic to really move.

9:00 A.M. Shower quickly at the gym, down some goop Glow, and head to the office. My skincare routine is pretty simple: I use our GOOPGLOW Peel Pads every weekend which is all the exfoliation I need, and then I lather on the nourishing night cream (during the day), a tiny bit of Kjaer Weis concealer, some Balmyard Lip Tint, and occasionally W3ll People mascara if I’m feeling fancy. These days I wear goop Label and Nili Lotan almost exclusively: I like tomboy-ish classics that are just a little bit interesting but make up a uniform. I don’t have a lot of extra energy to think about what I’m going to wear so I just want and need it to work! Often I stop for an extra oat milk latte on my way to the office.

9:30 A.M. I try to block this time out on my calendar to clear my inbox and get organized for the day. I’m not sure how it happened but these days I typically am in back-to-back meetings until it’s time to go home at night, so I need a few minutes to attend to my flagged emails and anything urgent that’s come up.

10:00 A.M. I bought a Hidrate water bottle that glows when I’m behind on my water consumption. I just don’t drink unless forced. If I haven’t finished at least two bottles by this point I chug!

I also try to schedule any weekly one-on-ones with team members for 10 and 11am so that if it needs to get pushed there’s still time in the day to get it done.