As one of the world’s first celebrity stylists, Rachel has dressed everyone from Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Lawrence (and even the Backstreet Boys!); now the style icon is the creative director of her own clothing line and the founder of Box of Style, a subscription service that edits Hollywood’s constant stream of fashion and beauty trends down to a curated seasonal starter pack.

Here’s how Rachel Zoe is working from home, and how she hopes it can make a difference, both now and once we’re allowed to wear street style outfits on actual streets again.

You’re a CEO and a creative director. What kind of leadership is most effective in a time like this?
Honest leadership. As the CEO of a company, it is so important to lead your team with positivity and as a united front… There are a lot of fashion businesses that need immediate support right now… what that looks like for each company is different, but as a leader, you must look at how to take care of your team and company today and for the foreseeable future.

How do you start your day?
Every morning, our team has an all-company video conference call to set the tone for the day, discuss any new business updates, and to make sure that every staff member is feeling good and supported while working from home. I have been in contact with a lot of my friends who also own their own businesses, and they are doing similar things to make sure they are putting their teams’ needs first.

How can Box of Style be an asset to people during this crazy time?
Now more than ever, I believe that Box of Style can be a support for women. While everyone is hopefully staying safe at home, the box is the perfect resource for women who are looking for a little bit of self-care and a way to support fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands during this uncertain time. I think Box of Style can provide a much-needed escape for many of us who are balancing working from home with homeschooling, and everything that comes with parenting—all at the same time!

What’s one item that’s become an unexpected savior during WFH?
I’ve been wearing the DIFF sunnies from our spring box every day. It’s so important to get outside right now since we’re home all day. My family and I have been taking afternoon strolls around our neighborhood to get fresh air and reset before dinner, and the sunglasses have become a part of my “walking” uniform. Additionally, I have been using R+Co Waterfall hair lotion daily to keep my wash-and-go hair from being frizzy, and it smells so good!

As the biggest stylist in the world, please tell us how to dress for a video conference call. Pants optional?
I think it’s important to wake up and get dressed for the day as if you were going into the office—but not as formal, of course. I believe when you’re on a video conference call, it shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed. I really believe that mentally and emotionally, if you get out of your PJs, do your hair a bit, and put on some five-minute makeup, you will feel more confident and professional for the rest of the day.

What’s your outfit situation right now?
My typical uniform right now is ​a cozy black robe, or a Missoni bathrobe for some color! When I have work video calls or I need to shoot content, ​I wear some of my favorite vintage Chanel and Missoni floor-length sweaters and cashmere dresses. I have been wearing some of my new spring collection items just to feel more like myself.

What’s your skincare routine right now?
With the little time I have at night once the kids are asleep, I still try to do my quick five- minute nightly skincare routine that includes a mix of face oils and serums that instantly make my skin feel better. I’m currently loving Erno Laszlo’s Hydraphel Skin Supplement, which is featured in our current spring Box of Style. My morning and night skincare rituals include almost every Dr. Barbara Sturm serum and cream she makes—they are just amazing and changed my skin! I love Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Serum and eye cream as well as the “Babyfacial” product they make…it’s amazing. I am obsessed with the Goop’s Body Luminizer lotion; it smells great and not greasy.

Why does fashion matter right now?
Fashion is a universal language and comfort for people that goes way beyond superficialities… [it’s] an overt form of self expression and provides an escape for people physically and emotionally. Getting dressed every day makes people feel human.