Spotted: a new style icon. Buttercup the Cow may live on a small Vermont farm, but she’s inspired city girls worldwide with her mooo-ving literary work, Buttercup’s Lovely Day, which was written with help from an all-female creative team. From her favorite workout to her skincare secrets, Buttercup fills us in on her A.M. adventures.

7 A.M. Good moooo-rning! I’m normally an early riser, but I stayed out way too late last night jumping over the moon. To wake up, I like a shot of espresso with two squirts of oat milk.

8 A.M. Time for breakfast. I’m on this grass-fed diet that’s really great for my skin. I like a mix of grass and dandelions, because they’re full of antioxidants, which are super important for a shiny coat. But I don’t love big meals; I’m more of a grazer.

9 A.M. For exercise, I do a calf workout. That means I chase a calf around the barnyard for 45 minutes. People think cows are slow, but we can run 25 miles an hour! Most humans can only do 7 or 8.

10 A.M. Cows like me love to be brushed! It’s so important to keep our coat in shape, and also brushing helps reduce stress—it’s a total self-care situation. We also like baths as long as it’s warm outside. I like Cowshed lavender bath gel to rinse off any mud from the field, Original Udder Balm for moisturizer, and the milk + honey candle from Neiman Marcus for mellow bath vibes. It’s very calming.

11 A.M. Staying hydrated is super important for dairy cows. In really hot weather, I can go through a bathtub of water a day. I really like my water to have an herbal infusion, maybe some chicory blossoms, because they’re great for digestion and also so pretty!

NOON. Time for lunch! I add a bit of hay along with pasture grass, even though it requires a more sophisticated palette. I know I was born in a barn, but I wasn’t, you know, born in a barn.