They’re total gems. Kendra Scott (she / her) and Emily Travis (she / her) are a designer and influencer duo who recently created a bridal jewelry collection. The two decided to combine forces after discovering there was a lack of affordable, long-lasting jewelry that can be worn not only on the big day but any day.

Here, the Austin locals describe how they crossed paths, the importance of having accessible accessories (😉), and why influencers are becoming more powerful than ever.

How did you guys meet?
KENDRA: Emily has been a longtime supporter of my brand, and she has an effortlessly chic style. Going into our first-ever influencer collaboration, we knew it was essential to partner with someone like her, who we had an organic connection with from the start. The fact that we’re both based in Austin was just icing on the cake!
EMILY: I have been the biggest Kendra Scott fan since college! I still remember purchasing my first pair of earrings and wearing them to every event I could. Living in Austin and seeing the impact it’s had on the community has only made my love for the brand even stronger.

What inspired you to create a bridal collection?
KENDRA: Creating beautiful, timeless, and versatile jewelry that you can wear with an everyday wardrobe or during significant moments has always been a priority of ours. Since we were in the process of expanding our bridal options and Emily wanted to incorporate our brand into her wedding, it was the perfect match!

And we love that the pieces are affordable! Why was this so important to you?
KENDRA: When I decided to turn my love of jewelry into a business, I saw a white space in the industry to create beautiful designs at an attainable price. I knew if I was searching for it, other women must be as well. So we continued with that mindset of: What can we give our customers that they can’t get anywhere else?
EMILY: When I was planning my wedding and searching for pieces, I realized there was a need for affordable bridal jewelry. But I didn’t want to create just bridal jewelry—I wanted girls to be able to wear the pieces every day after their big day. Because let’s be real… Weddings are expensive enough—your jewelry shouldn’t have to be!

Kendra, you mentioned this is your first influencer collab. What made you want to take this step?
KENDRA: It’s safe to say that social media drives today’s world. And in turn, influencers like Emily have established a following that trusts them for being authentically themselves. That’s why we’re excited to step into this world and evolve our relationship with influencers in the coming years.

Emily, we heard the collection is named after female figures in your life.
EMILY: Yes! Several pieces are named after my bridesmaids, who have been by my side for many years. My girls were able to wear them on my wedding day, which was so special.