You want to start improving your life…but where/when do you start? With everything in your life organized on a Google calendar, sometimes the best way to begin good habits is to block them into your schedule. With organization and activation in mind, I’ve jotted down a complete week’s worth of tasks to follow that will leave you feeling great and give you motivation to keep being a boss at life.


Focus on letting go. We all have something–whether it be a grudge, fight, or other toxic emotion–that we should let go of. I had a really big falling out with a friend a few years ago, and afterwards she sent me an e-mail with completely untrue accusations and horrible insults. It took every bone in my body not to respond. Until recently, I still carried my anger towards her and I felt about ten pounds lighter once I finally let it go. I’m not saying to forgive or forget (trust me, I will never do either of those), but instead realize that letting go is the only way to move on.


Reignite your passions. Find the one thing that makes you smile, and commit at least one hour to it. Whether it be painting, playing basketball, or cooking–give yourself the freedom to do it without feeling guilty (even if you have to stay up an hour later than you would on a week day). Then, block out another time in the upcoming week to do it again.


Make yourself smile. There’s no one that knows you better than yourself, so take a few minutes to think of something that will make you laugh. Whether it’s watching your favorite comedy, hanging out with a funny friend, or going through old photos, block out at least one hour to lift your spirits.


Eat the way you’ve always wanted. Food can have a powerful influence on the way your body and mind feel. If you’ve been opting for a bagel for breakfast or giving into the greasy food truck near work, commit to one full day of only consuming foods like greens and healthy proteins. By nighttime, your body will be thanking you!


Breakdown your goals. Sometimes life moves so fast that it’s difficult to actually carve out some time to think about why you are working so hard in the first place. Go to a quiet place (a park, corner booth at a coffee shop, under your duvet…) and write down five things you want to achieve by the end of 2018. And don’t just limit yourself to career intentions–set relationship, friendship, and betterment goals as well.