WELL HELLO & HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Just me, Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential again for the final installment of my collab with the lovely Newsette babes. We’ve covered health, wellness, skincare and beauty so now it’s time for BUSINESS. If you know me or listen to my podcast you know I love talking shop. Whether you’re an influencer or you’re building a brand, these tips will help you when building your strategic future for 2018.
Let’s dive right into it:

Video & Audio are Queen

Media is changing at lightning speeds. If you are only writing, you’re behind on the times. It’s essential to pay attention and evolve with the new mediums. Scared of LIVE video? Sorry it’s here to stay. Start practicing. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to expect great things. Another medium to get comfortable with is audio. Podcasting is here to stay. It’s a valuable tool to learn & grow. Check out The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast on iTunes where we really go into this subject.

Know Your Audience

Your audience is everything. Let me repeat that: your audience is everything. You are nothing without your community. They’re the reason you have a platform and influence. Engage with your community. Find out what makes them tick and what gets them excited. What do they want to learn more about? You have to know when it’s time to pivot. Yes you should be posting content that you’re passionate about. However, if you’ve posted about the same hair clips 30 times and your audience isn’t responding or engaging how you anticipated, maybe it’s time to talk about something else.

Document, Don’t Create

There’s an insane amount of content out there these days. Instead of just creating to create, it’s important to make sure you’re producing value. During our latest trip to NYC we created a Vlog documenting our time there. It’s important to pay attention to the journey instead of just the end goal. Documenting is still creating valuable content, just in a different form.

Take a Stance

It’s time for you to speak up about issues that matter. It’s no longer acceptable to just be a pretty face. You have to have an opinion. Use your voice. Recently I was bashed by a female empowerment company. Instead of letting it slide I wrote a blog post. I didn’t go low and name drop the brand but I explained the situation. I spoke up. We have to use our power for change. Had I not said anything the company would get away with abusing & underappreciating their content creators. As women we face a lot of battles. It’s time to support each other and demand equal treatment in all facets.

Facade is Out

How many images of a smoothie bowl do you really care to see? We all know how gorgeous they are and how to make one. Let’s stop with the flat lays. Sure there’s a time and a place but let’s get real. Let’s talk about those things you really want to know about. Shaving your face? Yes please. Botox? Yep. Life isn’t a perfectly curated Instagram feed. We deal with real issues and have real questions. Embrace it and talk about it. Let your audience see you for who you really are. GET DEEP!
Utilize these tips throughout 2018 to take your business and brand to the next level. Happy growing!
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