Amber Venz Box is the boss behind your favorite way to shop the looks you find on blogs and social media. Seven years after starting rewardStyle with her now-husband at just 23-years-old, the content monetization platform has become the go-to platform for bloggers to monetize their influence and is responsible for driving over a billion dollars in online purchases. Yes, billion. And, possibly most impressively, this Dallas-based mom of two somehow finds time to both run her global company and spend quality time with her family. Wondering how this fashion tech disruptor starts off her busy day? She breaks it all down below.
6:30 A.M. Having two children under three-years-old leaves little time for myself, so I like to wake up early. I will read a devotional, write out my top three priorities for the day, scroll through the app, or listen to a podcast while I get ready.
6:45 A.M. Showering in the morning immediately gets me energized for the day. For my facial products, I use Biologique Recherche. It makes my skin feel so soft and instantly hydrated! If I am styling my hair, I like to create loose waves with my curling iron (mine is an old school Revlon that I have had for years) and I finish it off with a lot of Oribe texturizing spray. This is by far my favorite beauty product. When I am going into the office, I typically wear minimal makeupmy lash extensions give me the bright-eyed look without having to wear mascara. My last step is my Le Labo The Noir fragrance. I love the smell and the bottle designit even has my name printed on it.
7:15 A.M. Now it’s time to pick my look for the day. Being in this industry, you’d probably be surprised to hear that I actually don’t have a ton of clothes. I tend to purchase classics that I know I’ll wear for years to come.
Our office is casual but you never know where your day will lead you, so I like to wear something that can take me from day to night in case drinks with the rewardStyle team or a business dinner pops up. One of my go-to office looks is a Thakoon shirt dress, Tibi trench coat, Hermes Oran Sandals, and my Givenchy tote. After I’m dressed, I’ll check my e-mail to make sure nothing urgent has come through.
7:45 A.M. I wake up our nine-month-old son, Boyce, and our two-year-old daughter, Birdie, and get them fed while I sip on my first cup of coffee. Baxter is the chef in our house, so he usually makes us avocado toast in the morning.
8:30 A.M. Baxter and I pass off the kids to my mom, who watches them while we are at work, then we start our fifteen minute commute to the office. Dallas is a driving town and we cherish that extra time together each day. We prioritize our family, so once we get home, all work talk is off limits and we focus our energy and attention on the kidsbut once we’re back in the car, the work talk starts flowing.
8:45 A.M. We arrive at the office and first things first, coffee. We have a rewardStyle cafe area, The Early Bird, where we have endless snacks and drinksall free for our employees.
9 A.M. My work day officially starts. I try to keep the first thirty minutes of my day meeting-free so that I can catch up on e-mail and set my priorities for the day.
10 A.M. My morning typically consists of meetings and calls where I focus on the marketing side of the business. I am constantly thinking about how we can further drive our current products and add new features within the app to make shopping influencers’ looks even easier for our users. Sitting in on meetings throughout the day and watching our talented team execute on the company’s initiatives and vision is definitely the most rewarding part of my role.