These Fine Walls was founded by Lisa Eryn Silverman in 2014 and quickly made its mark as an online resource for interior designers, architects, and collectors to view and acquire limited-edition photographs. In her previous career as a fashion-photography producer for Michael Kors, Silverman found herself constantly exposed to unused photographs by the world’s most esteemed photographers that lay dormant and unseen if they did not hit the pages of a magazine. Recognizing the power of those unused images, Silverman founded These Fine Walls in order to repurpose fashion, beauty, and other editorial-styled pictures as fine-photography for interior settings. In addition to being a business owner, Lisa is mom to a two-year-old son, living and working in trendy Tribeca. Curious to see how this boss spends her morning? Discover her routine below.

 7 A.M. I haven’t used an alarm clock since I had my son two years ago! I start the day off with my son Austin, getting him out of bed, changed, and then we have breakfast together. It is usually oatmeal or pancakes for him and I go for something healthier like yogurt, but always end up eating his yummy leftovers.  Breakfast has always been by favorite meal!

I then usually allow him to watch a little TV while I get a chance to do a bit of work on my phone. This usually involves answering any emails that need immediate attention and doing a morning Instagram post.

8 A.M. At this time, I try to put myself together for the day.  I always look forward to my morning shower (some alone time) and I love to wash my face with my Tata Harper face wash. After a shower, I usually do my makeup and get dressed for the day. I recently splurged on La Mer face cream – waiting to see if it lives up to its reputation.

I have been using the same products in my makeup routine for forever. I go pretty minimal during the day and I love Nars bronzer in Laguna and Chanel Inimitable black mascara combined with my Shu Uemura lash curler. I have always loved fashion and getting dressed up, but as I don’t go into an office every day now, I am excited when I have meetings or daytime events that I can get myself together for.

8:30 A.M. I usually run out to a coffee shop with my son at this time before we head to his school or morning class. Dylan’s Candy Bar recently opened up in my local coffee shop, which has been big trouble for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with candy. I usually get a skim latte and a few pieces of chocolate (chocolate malt balls, chocolate-covered oreos & chocolate-covered cookie dough).

8:45 A.M. I drop my son off at school.

9:00 A.M. This is when I finally sit down at my computer and get focused for the day (for a few hours, depending on the day).  I would say my morning is pretty routine from 7am-9am, but then each day is different from this time on. Days usually involve work at my computer (answering emails, processing orders, updating the website). Some days I am running around to meetings with interior designers or new artists. I always look forward to days when I go to our framer in Chelsea to see works shipping out. Seeing the photographs come to life when printed and framed is always exciting and you can see a bunch of images of me posting next to art on our Instagram.

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