Welcome to our #NoFilter series, where women we admire take the stage to talk about a topic they feel strongly about. This week, we have blogger, entrepreneur, and all-around badass Lauryn Evarts sharing why she believes perfect isn’t popular anymore.
Hello everyone! It’s Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential and today we’re breaking down some walls.
What walls you ask? The digital walls and facades.
The walls that display our lives as perfect and nothing less.
The walls that show the perfect flat-lay of morning coffee with a laptop casually laying by it like we’re busy at work.
The walls that show the perfect relationship- the laughs, the giggles, the compliments.
The walls that show a Facetuned selfie that took 2 hours to pick out from 80.
We’ve all been there. It’s like a shield we hide behind when we maybe are feeling overwhelmed or even insecure. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.
(Probably all of us have gotten lost in Instagram for hours playing the comparison game too- UGH).
Listen, I get it. Everyone wants a curated Instagram feed (me too) but you can use other mediums for more. Less curation, more documentation. I like to utilize IG STORIES for a BTS sneak peek of my life. I’m very open on The Skinny Confidential blog because I feel like I can write to connect with my community. As far as podcasting goes, it’s been a great opportunity to become inspired by other people’s stories. And then of course, TSC secret FB group has been a fantastic way to connect with the community and make it more about them, not me. There are meetups happening everywhere.
My point is that it’s important to limit the curation on some mediums. People want to hear about your obstacles, your strength, your courage.
That is where your true beauty can shine through.
SO how can we all show up and pave this new road?
Intention – what is your WHY?

  • Why are you posting that picture of your smoothie? Is it to share a recipe and help others live a healthier life? Is it because it matches your feed? Think about WHY you are posting and be honest with yourself. If it’s pretty, that’s OK too- maintaining a cohesive feed is important. I GET IT. Just be real with yourself and focus on adding VALUE and making an impact.

Value – how are you giving back?

  • After you figure out your intention, focus on the value you are adding to your community. Maybe that means you’re providing laughter, light, wit, strength or inspiration. ADD something positive with your contribution. Don’t be just another image to scroll past. I always ask myself: WHAT IS THE TAKEAWAY HERE?

Community – how are you connecting?

  • Community is JUST EVERYTHING in my opinion. Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential to growth & evolution. Are you following accounts that inspire you? Are you connecting superficially or on a deeper level? Think about these questions and figure out what you want. Then take the steps to bring that into your life.

This has been a year where I’ve gotten REAL REAL on The Skinny Confidential and opened up. Opening up has been empowering. We’ve talked about my grandma’s passing away, my sister’s addiction and my mother’s death. This is life. I hope by sharing my personal stories I can inspire other people to share theirs through social media. I hope other influencers will break down the facade.
People will often find their own strength and courage as we all realize we are much more similar than we are different. We all have issues, problems, and struggles. How we choose to show up and move forward is what matters.
This year I’m speaking up and asking you to do the same.
Social media was created so we could all connect, anytime & anywhere.
I mean, I still want to see that perfect heart-shaped foam in the center of your cappuccino but please, please, please TAKE A STANCE and show us the nitty gritty too.