Nadia¬†Aboulhosn is a fashion blogger, activist, model, and has even designed lines for retailers like Lord & Taylor–and she’s still in her twenties. Talk about impressive. Best of all, Nadia has used her platform to support body positivity and self-acceptance, among other important causes. You might recognize the fashionista from her features in publications such as Vogue Italia, Complex Magazine, and Seventeen, her style having been described as a mixture between “minimalistic” and “military.” Wondering how this trendsetter starts her day? She breaks it all down below.

6:45¬†I usually wake up naturally between 6:45-7 A.M. mainly because I’m in bed at 11pm the night before. I only set an alarm if I have to be somewhere or have a meeting and/or call. I tend to let my body tell me what feels right. I spent a lot of years forcing a hectic schedule on myself with constant traveling and it took a toll on my health so now I focus on what I’m feeling. I’ll first lay in bed for about 5 minutes before my dog Athena notices I’m awake and starts crying for food and to be let out.

7:15 A.M. It’s all about my dog first thing. I’ll throw on some pajamas (because pajamas are only for when I walk around the house and not sleeping in because I’m always naked) haha. Then I open the back door to let her outside, put food and water in her bowl, talk to her, etc.

7:20 A.M. I fill up this huge water bottle I drink throughout the day, take a live culture probiotic so my intestines are right, and a cod liver oil vitamin so I get my omega 3s. Then I’ll get a small mug with lemon water and drink that. While doing all this, I skim through my emails to see if there are any important ones I need to answer right away before I start my day.

7:40 A.M. I jump in the shower and just wash my face and body. For my face I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. For my body I use some sort of coconut-scented body wash most of the time. I brush my teeth in the shower. Does anyone else do that?

8 A.M. Right after I wash my body/face/teeth, I put Sunday Riley water cream on my face with a little bit of SPF 15. I braid my hair in 2 braids, then get dressed for the gym or my physical therapy appointments that I have twice a week for strengthening my lower back. I work out before I even eat. I end up having way more energy throughout the day when I move first thing in the morning. On the car ride to the gym I usually always Facetime my mom and my sister to see what they’re doing since they’re 3 hours ahead of me on East coast time.

8:30 A.M. I get on the treadmill and start with low walking and build it up. Usually listening to some sort of poppin gym music. Mainly Drake, Migos, or something. It always feels good to get your body moving at first before anything strenuous. I spend about 30-45 mins on the treadmill getting my cardio in. Then I either do arms/back or lower body workouts, depending on what day it is.

10 A.M. I’m usually back home by now. Once I get home, I shower and wash my hair and then afterward eat breakfast, mostly lunch foods because I only eat breakfast foods every once in a while. Not really sure why. My schedule from here depends on the day. I could eat breakfast and then put on make up and do my hair for pictures, or run downtown to source fabrics for my clothing line. I could write blog posts or finish answering emails. But my early AM routine is pretty much always the same.

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