Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur and wellness advocate who combined her two passions by creating the mental wellbeing app Happy Not Perfect, which aims to help users stress less, sleep better, and stay balanced. If that’s not impressive enough, she’s also the co-founder of fashion accessories line Pop and Suki, started with her bestie Suki Waterhouse, a brand that has been featured in Vogue, Elle, W Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar. With the overall goal of creating products that help customers feel balanced–having been inspired by her psychotherapist mother–Poppy spends her time working with designers, neuroscientists, writers, as well as a tech development team to bring mindful tools to life. Wondering how this busy wellness and fashion expert starts her day? She shares it all below.
7 A.M. My alarm goes off at 7 A.M. and by 7:15 A.M., I’ve pulled my trainers on and I’m walking out of the house to go for a 20-minute walk. My morning meditation walk is essential, it helps clear my mind, shake off any sleep and allows myself to focus for the day ahead. Wind, snow, rain or shine…. This is my favorite time to reflect, allow my thoughts to pass, think up new ideas and arrive at either an exercise class or back home.
7:30 A.M. 3 times a week I like to do a yoga or Pilates class. I find stretching really helps me relax regardless of what is happening. If I’m having a particularly busy week then making sure my exercise is slow and conscious helps keep me balanced. I’ve made the mistake in the past of doing intense exercise classes alongside an intense work life… all this does is stress my body and mind out further, so now I opt for slower strength training. Oh, and I’m obsessed with CLASS PASS. I pick a new class most weeks because I find it really fun trying out new things.
8:30 A.M. I return home and before I hop in the shower, I do my first REFRESH on the Happy Not Perfect app. The 7-step routine really kickstarts my morning and helps me cultivate a positive mindset.
The 7 steps are made up of: 

  1. Checking in and deciding how I feel.
  2. I belly breathe for a minute. Belly breathing is the quickest and easiest hack to calm the nervous system, improve digestion and boost immune system.
  3. I write down any worries I’m experiencing. This helps my pre-frontal cortex kick into action and the app allows me to set fire to the things I want to let go of.
  4. I write in my grateful diary. Studies found those who keep gratitude diaries enjoy a boost of the feel good hormone serotonin.
  5. I complete a mini mindfulness game (art therapy or challenge that helps me totally think about something different)
  6. I practice an affirmation or force myself to give myself a compliment (I find this awkward so i really force myself to do this as it helps self-esteem and confidence)
  7. I send some thoughts to someone else. I like to ask myself every day who would appreciate a good luck, keep going, I love you, I appreciate you message. This not only makes me feel happy but the person I’m sending some vibes to also!

My daily walk, stretch and Refresh is really my killer combo to start a good morning.
8:40 A.M. From then, I shower, washing my face/body. I love using Elemis cleansing balm and then Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream. After I’ve cleansed and moisturized, I start with my basic day make-up look. Foundation – YSL, Mascara – Benefit Big Lash, Bronzer – Nars. I usually do my make-up quite quickly, listening to upbeat music to stir up positive endorphins (I may or may not dance around my room :)) I like to create happy playlists that I know get me in the mood for anything! I sometimes will FaceTime my mum or my best friend during this make-up session to check in with them before the day starts. (They are usually on a different time zone, like London when I’m in NYC).
9 A.M. I head out and usually walk to work if I can. While walking, I check the Happy Not Perfect Instagram account to either post a quote or read the latest comments, feedback from the community. I love starting the day by communicating with our users and finding out what’s working for them and any ideas they have for improvements.  
9:30 A.M. I treat myself to an oat milk latte. My coffee of the day is one of my FAVORITE things. I adore the taste, it kick starts my morning and it’s a little present to me. (I know this sounds really enthusiastic but I can’t express to you how much I like this moment in my routine, I think it’s really important to find things that really make you smile and schedule them into your daily routine. Just thinking about my morning coffee makes me excited for the day… the small things right?!)