Sophie Chiche is the French-American, Harley-riding entrepreneur behind Shape House, the urban sweat lodge that has become the latest must-try wellness movement. Shape House uses FAR-infrared (a form of natural energy) to help you sweat healthily, wrapping you in a blanket for 55 minutes while you relax, release harmful toxins and watch your favorite TV show. Talk about multi-tasking. With Sophie at the helm, her company has just opened its 10th location, in Studio City, CA. Now, the brand boasts five locations in L.A., and five in NYC. Curious to see what this successful businesswoman does to wind down after a busy day? She shares her nighttime routine below. 

6:30 P.M. My routine really varies. I have many different self-care and beauty regimen that I use, but I tend to mix them up frequently. I’m always open to trying something new and that has really been a gift to myself. I stay feeling good and energized because I rarely burn out on any particular routine.

Around 6:30, I like to check in with myself. Am I hydrated enough? Am I still thinking about a meeting that happened today? We don’t check in with ourselves enough and as a result, we’re tense and often not really grounded in our bodies. I tend to do a quick email overview just so that my mind is at rest and I’m prepared for what’s coming tomorrow. My whole life is organized on Trello, including my to-do lists and projects. I like a solid productivity system so I do what I love to do, not just what I have to do.

7 P.M.  I drink a lot of water. I’ve just started intermittent fasting and so far I’m in love. I’m on-the-go a lot throughout the day and to not have to factor in the food part for a portion of it is a dream. Then, when I do eat, I’m present and conscious, everything on my plate is a real decision designed to nourish me. Food should nourish, it’s a medicine. I don’t do sugar, ever. I haven’t let it touch my lips in years. I gave it up entirely and in return my body gave me energy and stamina like I never knew was possible.  

8 P.M. I’ll likely do a cup of tea with a little spirit dust from Moon Juice. I’m a fan of their brand, I use their Super You pills in the morning as well. I never do caffeine and I take my tea very weak, even when it’s herbal. I’m a naturally charged person so I try not to have too many things that alter the way I feel. I like to slow down though, let my food digest, have a little something warm that signals it’s time to unwind and let go for the day.

8:30 P.M. After tea, I might stretch or meditate for a bit. Learning to move my body before bed has really helped me to stay grounded and settled. It’s another thing that we don’t check in with, but there are days when we’re glued to our computer screens for hours on end and our neck and back need a little love and recovery from that. I also like to sweat around this time. I enjoy seeing Shape House in its orange glow in the evening, it reminds me what we’re working towards and it just gives my body such a nice recovery. When I get home, I’m ready to happily pass out.

9 P.M. If I’m wearing makeup now would be around the time I take it off. I have a rose quartz roller that I keep cold and roll across my face after washing it. It wakes up my skin and helps to tighten and heal it. I’m big on moisturizer and honestly, Glossier’s night time moisturizer is heaven, it’s been incredible to my skin. I apply it liberally every night.

9:30 P.M. This is me-time in its most glorious and selfish form. Often, I read. At the moment, I’m reading Danny Meyer’s “Setting the Table” because I feel like it’s such a great example of what hospitality can do to truly improve the lives of others and as we expand that’s more important to me than ever, to keep people at the heart of what we’re doing.

Sometimes I’ll really let my mind turn off and watch a little of whatever TV series I’m watching. From my laptop that is, I don’t have a TV anywhere in my house. I’m not against them in general, I’ve just found that my space is more harmonious and complete without it. I also pick a color spray, an incredible form of color therapy that my friend Amanda Enclade created and spray it over me before I go to sleep. It helps me to set an intention and release the day.

I will be honest, I don’t have a bedtime. I really listen to my body. If I’m not ready to sleep I don’t lay there upset that it’s not happening. And if I want to go to sleep before I’ve finished half of this routine, I do that, also guilt-free. I’d say if there was a common time, though, it would be before 11pm.

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