Cara Santana is an actress, influencer with nearly a million followers, dog mom and social awareness activist. While you might have seen Cara on the popular show Santa Clarita Diet, she recently finished filming two films back-to-back, as well as another television series coming out next year. Talk about being busy. In addition to her acting work, Cara is also notably involved in social activism, and spent time at the border this summer, investigating the immigration crisis and documenting it for Harper’s Bazaar. When this actress and social media star isn’t sharing her life with her hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, she is hanging out with her rescue dogs Dexter and Shepherd, and fiancé Jesse Metcalfe. Wondering what this impressive multi-hyphenate does to start her jam-packed day? She shares it all below.

6 A.M. Check my phone and get up-to-date on all emails that have come in from the East Coast or Europe. Then I refresh my news app to make sure I haven’t missed something going on in the world. And I’m not gonna lie, the third thing I do is check Instagram.

Afterwards, I let my dogs out to relieve themselves, make myself a cup of coffee and turn on CNN. Once the dogs come in, I feed them then I wash my face with Dior Oil Cleanser followed by Amore Pacific misting spray to moisture. Then I add an anti-aging Amore Pacific serum with Dior skin plumper serum. I use two La Mer eye creams and Dior anti-aging moisturizer. Then I brush my teeth and head to the gym. And I floss every morning! 

8 A.M. I head to the gym. I like to personal train at Rise Movement. Jason Walsh curates every workout, especially for his clients’ bodies. I’m 33 so I take it seriously now, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. 

9 A.M. I head home and shower up, and then usually order Postmates. My typical breakfast order is a burrito from Alfred’s Coffee Shop. I hang out with Shepard and Dexter while I eat and check my emails.

9:30 A.M. I’m arriving at set, my office, a photoshoot… whatever is on the agenda. No day is ever the same!

10 A.M. Depending on what my schedule is for the day, if I have time I’ll check in with friends and see how their morning is going. We will make plans to see each other or have a quick call. Most of my friends have hectic schedules like me, so it’s important to squeeze in quality time when we can. However, if I’m on set or at a photoshoot, I’m not on my phone at all and am focused on the project. Like I said, every day is different!

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