Shelby Wild is the founder of the ultimate haircare line, Playa. With the tagline, “beach hair, only better,” Playa’s products capture the easy-going spirit of the place they’re made–Venice Beach, California. Shelby started her company after a high-power career as a stylist for Vogue in New York City, with the goal of making women’s haircare routines just a little shorter. Now, Playa will soon be rolling out in Sephora stores worldwide. Below, this beauty founder tells us how she wraps up a busy day of running a fast-growing startup. 

6:30 P.M. I get home from work around 6:30pm and like to get ready for dinner. If my fiancé and I aren’t grilling or making a fun dish at home we like to eat out at a cute Cali restaurant. One of our absolute favorites is Barrique, an Italian restaurant in Venice.

8 P.M. After dinner, my fiancé and I like to spend a little time together.  Some nights we enjoy a glass of wine near the canals or even go for a nighttime canal ride. Other times we like to get adventures and go skateboarding just around dawn.

9 P.M. Before bed, I like to review any emails I may have missed during the day and prepare for tomorrow. I try my best to respond to all emails and get a to-do list started for the next day.

9:30 P.M. To help wind down I like to enjoy a cup of tea (I drink Tulsi Sweet Rose tea every night and sweeten it with a little local malibu honey) it helps me relax and unwind. As I sip my tea I like to enjoy a good book (I’m currently reading Surely You’re Joking) or catch up on some television shows.

10 P.M. Before bed, I wash my face with Farmacy Green Makeup Melt Away Balm after I cleanse with a Sunday Riley Cleanser and finish off with True Botanicals Purity Face Oil.  

11 P.M. By this time, (after I brush my teeth with Marvis lavender toothpaste-it’s so yummy!) I’m ready for bed!

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