#WomenWhoTweet is our November weekly segment, in collaboration with Twitter, celebrating inspiring women who are using the platform to forge connections, market their personal brand, and interact with other females from anywhere in the world. Through this 4-part series (this is part 3!), these impressive women are sharing their tips on how to find success on Twitter, so that you too can use the app as an extension of your resume. Today, we’re chatting with Lauryn Evarts, the massively popular influencer, entrepreneur, and wellness authority whose authentic and cheeky brand has taken shape as a highly successful blog, book, podcast, app, and more. Below, Lauryn shares how she built a trustworthy and engaging brand, her strategy for content on Twitter, and the woman she follows that she dreams of #PowerBrunching with.


The Skinny Confidential readers follow you because of your completely real and authentic voice. Why did you think your voice would resonate with so many women? How did you turn that voice into a brand that spans multiple product verticals?


I think my voice resonates with so many women because I really speak to one person– I don’t try to speak to everybody. I know who I’m speaking to. I have my “reader” and I know everything about her. I actually have a name for her, I know what color nail polish she wears, I know what she’s listening to on the way to work, I know where she likes to shop, I know what she’s interested in. I’ve continued to write to this person for the last 8 years and when I am writing or speaking to her I’m imagining we’re at happy hour. I know that not everyone is going to like me, but I’m not for everyone. I also try to keep the way I write conversational. The way I write is the way I talk in person. If you were to meet me, you’d see that I speak the exact way I write–it’s exactly the way I am. It was never hard for me to write to the girl, because it’s just me being me.

At the same time, each medium is very different so I do change the way that I engage on each one. When we’re doing a podcast, it’s more intimate and you’re in the person’s ear. On the blog, your reader is reading it from her phone, at lunch or while she gets her nails done. On social media, I know that people want quick value and for videos they want to be educated, entertained or inspired. Those are 3 things I live by when it comes to my content. I want everything I put out to be either educating, entertaining or inspiring. I also make sure I’m always engaging. I think it’s a key component that people forget about. You have this platform that you’ve built because of the audience and to neglect them is just lazy, to be honest. You need to continue to have open communication with your audience, no matter how big your following gets.


What tips do you have for our readers, especially budding influencers, who want to grow their careers and following using Twitter?

Be consistently active 7 days a week and engage with other people’s content. Don’t just engage with celebrities, engage with your audience and the people who follow you. Follow them, like and read their stuff, DM them, and collaborate with other bloggers. When I first started TSC, many of my first guest posts and interviews came from reaching out to people on Twitter. It’s almost like cold-calling but DMing on Twitter. There are a lot of pros when it comes to using Twitter to collaborate.


You attribute a lot of your success to being highly focused on your audience and interacting with them as much as possible. How has Twitter helped you engage with readers and followers?

I think that Twitter is very instant and I’m able to hop on at any time of day and talk directly to my audience. It feels like you’re just texting your audience. If there’s any kind of issue it can be addressed very quickly and I think Twitter is an amazing focus group. I think as a content creator you have this focus group at your fingertips and you should never forget that. Not only are you creating content, but you’re distributing it and then following through. You need to follow, engage, and communicate and that’s my number one priority when I wake up every day: communicate with my audience.

You need to follow, engage, and communicate and that’s my number one priority when I wake up every day: communicate with my audience.


Who is one person you follow on Twitter that you’d love to power brunch with? What is your favorite and least favorite hashtag?

Definitely @JackieSchimmel. We’ve been on each other’s podcasts and she really gets the platform. I just like her, I think she’s really witty, sharp, smart and funny.

My favorite hashtag to use is #tscbeautyfile because I feel like it makes everything easy for my audience. They can easily search it and get all my beauty content in one place.

My least favorite hashtag is #blessed. I can’t with #blessed. 


The Skinny Confidential brand has evolved to live on social media, a website, a book, and even a podcast. How do you decide what programming goes on Twitter? Is there a specific strategy to your content?

There is talk of strategy but I also go with my gut a lot and get a lot of feedback from my audience. That goes back to the open communication. Twitter is a great place to ask questions and get a quick response. I also think it’s a great place to share news and I’m always cognizant to engage back with the people who are engaging with me. I think to not engage back with your Twitter audience is not playing the game. Social media is meant to be social.


Follow Lauryn on Twitter @laurynevarts

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