Georgina Gooley is the co-founder of Billie, the women’s razor company disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry. Though Billie has become an internationally-known brand, Georgina remembers launching the company in November 2017, with just one employee. Now, their team has expanded to fourteen members, and Georgina has been lauded for her business savvy in huge publications such as Forbes and Time. This founder tells us that most days, she works on “all aspects of the business from manufacturing, fulfillment, customer service, website updates, marketing efforts and also upcoming initiatives.” With this much to do on the daily, a productive morning routine is key to her success. Below, the native Australian tells us all about the morning habits that keep her feeling whole. 

7:10 AM: My alarm goes off and I snooze 1-2 times…okay, sometimes 3 times. While still in bed, and before I’ve put in my contact lenses, I’ll check sales from the day before and scan any emails that came in overnight. I’ll then check my calendar to see what’s in store for the day so I can think about my wardrobe selection while I’m in the shower. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is drink a glass of water.

7:30 AM: It’s shower time – I like my showers hot and steamy and try to keep them quick to conserve water. I shower with Billie Sudsy Body Wash and shave my legs with Billie razors (I’m a daily shaver) – I’ll wash my face with Simple Foaming Cleanser. I’m a fan of clean body products.

Once I’m out of the shower I’ll apply a Japanese face oil (Amaki), Schmidt’s deodorant (my favorite is the Jasmine Tea scent) and moisturize my freshly shaved legs with Billie Dry-Bye body lotion. Once I’m dressed, I’ll spray on a little Chanel Mademoiselle on my clothes.

8:00 A.M: Time for the most important meal of the day. Every morning, my husband makes me breakfast and a cappuccino with Oatly milk – he spoils me. Breakfast usually consists of toast with avocado or jam or warm oats with banana and strawberries.

8:20 A.M: I’ll brush my teeth and start putting on my make-up – I usually wear a little bit of Laura Mercier primer and foundation, add color to my cheeks with Bobbi Brown bronzer and Becca highlighter, apply Diorshow mascara and whatever lip gloss is in my handbag at the moment.

8:45 A.M: I try to be out the door by 8.45 A.M. – on my way to the subway station, I’ll listen to music, usually it’s something upbeat to start the day right (like “Valery” by Amy Winehouse).

On the subway, I like to read the news and quickly catch up on what’s been happening around the world. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to squeeze in an email or two on the way to work.

9:30 A.M: Once I arrive at the office, I’ll wash my hands (subway germs!) and have another glass of water. After I’ve settled in, I’ll have a quick check in with my co-founder and team to see what pressing items need to be addressed today.

10 A.M: Meetings, calls, appointments – it all starts! When you’re running a company, there is never a dull moment – no two days are the same and you’re to-do list is never-ending. I’ll attend to whatever urgent matter needs my attention at that moment and try to work my way down my to-do list throughout the day.

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