LyAnn Chhay is the Senior Vice President of Community at Poshmark, the incredibly popular social commerce marketplace that has raised over $150 million. And LyAnn was there from the beginning. She joined Poshmark as its first employee in 2011, partnering with its four co-founders—Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, Chetan Pungaliya —to help create Poshmark’s vibrant and powerful community of over five million Seller Stylists and 40 million registered users. Talk about impressive. As the Senior VP of Community, this boss leads the largest and fastest-growing global team of over 150 people, managing all aspects of the community—from support to live events, including Poshmark’s annual conference, PoshFest, which gathers nearly one thousand Seller Stylists each year. When she’s not at the office, LyAnn loves to spend quality time with her husband and two young children, and is also a strong believer in self-care, as well as what she calls a “guilt-free life.” Below, she shares her family and beauty-filled nightly routine. 
6 P.M. This is typically the time I get home from work, unless I’m traveling for a Poshmark event, such as Posh Party LIVE, where we host parties across the country to celebrate our amazing community. My husband, Ray, and my two kids, Austin, 10, and Mila, 2, are usually home by this time, too. I say my hellos, and if it’s a day that I cook dinner, I’ll start that while helping Austin with his homework.
7 P.M. We’re all sitting around our dinner table. I enforce a no electronics rule while we have dinner and try to catch up on everyone’s day. And I say try because we’re not always successful — Mila’s usually asking for something and dropping most of her dinner on the floor for me to clean up, while Austin continuously asks to play video games. I’ve started something new where I’ll ask my kids what their highs and lows of the day were and it seems to be working really well — it’s created a sharing exercise in our nightly routine which has ignited some really fun conversations!
7:45 P.M. My mother-in-law has most likely bathed Mila (bless her heart!), and Austin is now at the age where he bathes himself (thank God!), so now we let them watch about 30-minutes of TV to wind down. This is the time when Ray and I really get to catch up on our day, when the kids are preoccupied and fed.
8:15 P.M. With two kids now, my husband and I alternate which child we do the nighttime routine with. Lately, I’ve been putting Mila to bed because she never likes being away from me once I get home. The routine starts with getting the kids to brush their teeth, and, more recently, I’ve had Austin read Mila a book. She’s obsessed with hanging out with her big brother, and this way, he gets his reading in too — so it’s a win-win! We exchange hugs, and probably more kisses than the kiddos like, and they are off to bed.
8:45 P.M. I’m prepping for the next day — getting Austin’s uniform ready, packing snacks for Mila, and tidying up any mess they’ve made. By now, I usually have a glass of wine in my hand and when done tidying up, I plop on the couch with my husband and check any work emails.
9:30 P.M. I’m in the bathroom doing my nighttime ritual with various Sunday Riley and Summer Friday products, and if it feels necessary, I start with a Sephora Pearl mask. I take my supplements, including an elderberry/Vitamin C supplement in the winter cold season to fight off any yuckies my toddler brings home from school. For 2019, I also started a new ritual of jotting down all the things I’m grateful for that happened during the day. It can be something as small as being grateful for Mila eating her vegetables at dinner, or grateful for Austin doing well at basketball practice, or if I had a great conversation with one of my team members. I believe that going to bed with a grateful heart can only bring positive things the next day, and it’s been amazing so far.
10:15 P.M. Before I hop into bed, I roll my achy back with a foam roller that I keep under my bed. It’s such a relaxing thing to do and I feel so much better after it! I turn on my sound machine, and I’m in bed. Last part of my beauty regimen is putting on Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask which I love — it makes my lips feel so smooth and plump the next day.