Tara Foley is the founder of Follain, a natural beauty company that sells only the safest, most effective products available. After learning about the concerning ingredients in the creams she put on her face and body, Tara set out to launch a business that would take a stand against toxins in personal care. Through its rigorous approval process, and restricted ingredients list, Follain ensures that everything it sells is clean–and their incredible offerings can be found online and in six gorgeous stores across the country. When she’s not running her company, Tara loves spending time with her young children, Henry and Annabel. Wondering what this beauty boss does to wrap up a busy day? She tells us her nightly routine below. 

6:30 P.M. On nights when I’m in Boston, I try to get home to hang out and play with Henry and Annabel before they go to bed. Walking through the door and seeing their great big smiles (and the chaos in the house) is the best. My husband James and I will quickly throw something together for dinner. Usually a pre-made stew or big bowl with a bunch of veggies, rice and a protein for us…and a grilled cheese sandwich or something like that for Henry. We do our best to all four sit down at the dinner table together any night we’re home. The chaos usually continues—pre-bedtime temper tantrums and more—but this hour together is golden no matter what.

7:00 P.M. The kids go to bed at 7:30pm so we race through baths and story time starting now. After they go to bed, I’ll try to sneak in a quick workout (though I’m admittedly not always great about this). Since I’m already home, virtual workouts are my new thing. I took everything I was paying for gym memberships and classes and invested in a Peloton. This gives me the option of workouts starting at 20 mins (sometimes all I can sneak in on a work night).

8:00 P.M. After putting my kids to bed (and exercising if there’s time), I’ll immediately do my beloved (and involved) evening skincare routine–before doing anything else with my night. I don’t like the idea of my products seeping into my pillow more than my face, so I’ll try to apply my PM products a couple of hours before going to sleep. This is always something I look forward to for two reasons: I’m usually testing new lines of products that we’re considering bringing into the portfolio; and I’m maniacal about my nighttime routine—because it’s the most important! Your skin regenerates and absorbs nutrients best when sleeping. It’s also the only moment I really get to myself during the day.

My nighttime routine includes a lot of steps but it actually doesn’t take a ton of time. Tonight’s routine was a great one: 1) Naturopathica manuka cleansing balm to remove makeup and cleanse skin (love that this balm smells so sweet and washes off clean); 2) after rinsing that off and drying skin, I spritzed on Josh Rosebrook hydrating accelerator which helps the serums I apply next absorb deeper and work harder; 3) then pressed in a hydrating hyaluronic acid gel serum, Osea’s sea serum; waited a few seconds for that gel to absorb and then 4) pressed in my moisturizer, the Pai Rosehip oil (basic, single origin oil thats super impressive); then 5) finally the Tata Harper eye cream tapping it into my eye area with my ring finger. I let this all absorb in—it’s a serious routine—but sometimes I’ll still follow it up with some all-over cream like Ursa Major golden hour recovery cream or Tammy Fender intensive repair balm, right before bed, wherever I need it most.

8:30 P.M. When we’re both home, my husband James and I will sit down to chat one-on-one for at least a few minutes at some point. It’s what keeps us sane and provides a good reality check from the business of our days. Sometimes it’s about Follain–we’re probably each other’s best advisor, supporter, and outside perspective–but other times it’s about the kids or something in the news.

9:00 P.M. Unfortunately, most nights I’ll hop back on my computer for a while longer to keep moving the ball forward at Follain. If I’m being really good I’ll start thinking about bed right now…but chances are I’m filling out something last minute, like I am now!

10:30 P.M. Beauty sleep is no joke. I really need to be lights out by 10:30 or 11 to feel my best during the day. I always try to turn off my computer with enough time to read a few pages of whatever book I’m working on. This fluctuates from books on herbalism to books on leadership and team-building…my nightstand is pretty eclectic. I track many favorites on my goodreads page.

If for some reason I’m having a hard time falling asleep on a weeknight (becoming rarer and rarer these days), then I’ll light a candle, and hop in the bath with the dreaming bath elixir, a face mask (big fan of the Naturopathica cherry peel these days), and my book. This ritual doesn’t take that long! And it’s such a great way to end the day. If I wasn’t relaxed enough to fall asleep before, I definitely am after some tub time.

Then it’s lights off bc there’s no telling what time my human alarm clocks – my kids – will wake me up the next morning…!