Liris Crosse is a supermodel you might recognize from Project Runway. Not only did she steal the show as one of the series’ first plus-sized models, she also won the model portion of the famous competition. Talk about impressive. Since then, she has been featured in Essence, had a video game character created of her, and even wrote a book, Make the World Your Runway, with a foreword by none other than Tim Gunn. Below, this fashion game-changer tells us what her productive nightly routine looks like.

6:30 P.M. I try to work out 3-4 days a week. I usually catch the last cardio class of the day, which is around this time. I hate sweating but hey, it comes with working out right?! I like maintaining my curves and my health. You can be plus size and healthy for those who didn’t know! 

7 P.M. I am briskly walking home and dreaming of what I’m going to cook for dinner. I stop at my neighborhood grocery store to get some fish or chicken to go with my immaculate but tasty salads. I’m the type who likes candied walnuts, crispy onions, corn, fresh peppers etc in mine. Grocery shopping is actually very therapeutic to me. Something about walking the aisles soothes me. I usually listen to different spiritual leaders on Periscope while I shop, which is a good way to wind down from my day. Word to Markita Collins, one of my favorites on there. 

8 P.M. After I get home, I shower and change. A great shower can change your whole outlook on life sometimes!! Me and water are friends. I’m a soap girl, so I like a classic bar of Dove. Because I wear wigs & pieces for work, I have to protect my natural hair. I recently started using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine shampoo & conditioning set. Black hair needs moisture, so it’s great for that. I top it off with some kaleidoscope drops to increase my hair growth all over. For my face, I use Kiehl’s Ultra facial cleanser, then the ultra facial cream and the midnight recovery eye.

8:30 P.M.  I’m cheffing it up now, making my dinner of that tasty salad and some broiled salmon. I don’t keep juice or soda in my house so I drink loads of water, which has led to my great skin. I actually keep a squeeze bottle of water by my bed religiously so I’m constantly drinking it.

9 P.M. Wash dishes, chill on the couch and scroll Instagram for funny videos. I believe laughter is the best medicine. I return emails and texts to wrap up and also prepare for the next day. I start writing out my to-do list and checking my calendar. This new life as an author has me busy as ever along with my modeling work. 

9:30 P.M. I’m figuring out my outfit for the next day so I can “Make the World My Runway” like the name of my book. Preparation helps to alleviate stress. I talk about this in the book too. It helps in business and in personal life in so many ways that we don’t realize. Puts you ahead of the game too.  

I usually have a phone call or two with some of my good girlfriends, have a little talk with God, maybe watch Iyanla Fix My Life or First 48 (always thought I’d make a great detective) till I fall asleep! #FunFact I was always obsessed with the heavenly beds at Westin Hotels, so I bought the mattress set and I’ve been sleeping good since.