Adrienne Bankert is a correspondent for ABC News and part of the anchor team of Good Morning America Weekend Edition, where she delivers pop news and uplifting stories on Saturday and Sunday. You might have also seen her reporting on hard news, or interviewing various celebrities. On any given day, Adrienne might be interviewing Lady Gaga in Toronto, traveling to Thailand to report on the boys’ soccer team trapped inside a cave, or making dim sum with The Rock in Hong Kong. Um…talk about a dream job. This boss says she loves “mentoring women and supporting/consulting anyone who wants to live their most fulfilled life.” And, when she isn’t speaking in front of millions of viewers, Adrienne enjoys delving into her passion for skincare, and traveling. Below, this incredibly impressive media star tells us all about how she wraps up after a long day. 

6:30 P.M. I might be on World News Tonight with David Muir, but Mondays I host a weekly mentoring group (if I am in town – though Zoom and Google chat can be great). It is also highly likely I am taking a nap (since I get up early for morning shows) or working on a project.

I grab dinner at Dig Inn or just eat a half bag of dried mangoes and Greek yogurt, have some cheese and crackers and tea or a green prebiotic drink or make something with kale in my kitchen. I’m notorious for skipping meals lately. But I more than make up for it with one big lunch.

I endeavor to connect with at least one friend a week in person, at least one business colleague, and all of my mentees on a weekly basis. The earlier the better because of my early mornings, so if we don’t do dinner, I’m scheduling for the week before I get caught up with more work.

7 P.M. Writing is a huge part of my job and it’s typically done as part of my evening routine in preparation for the next day. Thank goodness for the amount of producers who help make my job easier! 

If I’m not reporting on the evening news or working on a story for the next morning on Good Morning America – which could take me into past 10pm – I may be working on other projects, including writing speeches for an appearance. I love speaking and lifting people up.

I have relied more heavily on Instagram lately and have had a great time making videos that are uplifting and encouraging in addition to the fashion, the adventures and the BTS! 

8 P.M. In a perfect world, I’m not in the office past 8pm, and walk home or to the store for dinner. Usually I’ve already eaten and I want a snack (veggie crisps or sweet potato chips with this dip I make from yogurt and turmeric or Bjorn Corn! Shout out to Diane Sawyer who encouraged me to try this and to my assistant for finding it on sale yay!). 

My favorite physical activity is walking – New York is so exciting and truly beautiful at night. Unless I’m under a tight deadline or the weather is crazy ugly outside, I will endeavor to walk as much as possible. I had a goal of 10k steps a day but average 6k. While I’m walking, it’s great to listen to music or make calls but my favorite thing is quieting my mind while the city sounds become my soundtrack.

I will make calls or send other emails – post on Instagram if I haven’t already earlier in the day. 

8:30 P.M. One thing I’m working on more in 2019 is taking at least 1.5 hours in my day (working towards 2.5 hours or about 10% of the time in a day) towards meditation, refuel, reading, journaling, dreaming or quiet time. Most of this is done in the A.M. but if I haven’t hit the goal I’ll pause what I’m doing and get as many minutes in as I can of that quiet to unplug, away from calls, texts and social media!  

9 P.M. At least twice a week I actually watch an inspiring message online. It’s really important for me to stay recharged. There are so many channels of content now online but I have my favorites. If you want to inspire – you need to stay constantly in a state of maintaining your own joy and fulfillment. When I’m pouring out constantly to help others, I prioritize my own refuel.

9:30 P.M. Hopefully I’m in bed reading ahead of going to sleep or I might be enjoying an audio book, listening to chill music (instrumental) and should have already washed my face! Once a week, I try to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair too, wrap it up in a plastic shower cap and then secure that with a scarf. Deva Curl, Shea Butter Moisture and Mizani all have very rich conditioning treatments.

I use a makeup wipe to get off my TV makeup and sometimes olive oil to remove everything else. Then a gentle gel cleanser from Dermalogica. Then I might use a glycolic cleanser by Hanna Isul out of Fort Worth Texas – it really depends on if my skin is feeling congested. Hanna Isul has this “Flawless” serum that really makes your skin glow. 

This organic line of products called Éminence has this anti-aging coconut age corrective moisturizer. It’s really nice. Éminence also has this rosehip oil – and I’ll use that and it just moisturizes my skin really well. I’m big on moisturizer! 

Not going to lie, I’m notorious for falling asleep in makeup and false eyelashes, but I’ve been getting better and better at using at least olive oil or a makeup wipe and I’ll often sleep with that oil soaking into my face or have a mask on at night. Also, at least 3 days a week, I scrub my face with Dermalogica microfiant cleanser so that I can exfoliate! 

Time you go to bed: Between 10-11:30 p.m. 

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