“Life is not about finding yourself,” says Alaina Kaczmarski. “Life is about creating yourself.” In Alaina’s case, that also meant teaming with friend Danielle Moss to create The Everygirl Media Group, an online resource for women trying to figure it all out. (Hi! Over here!)

Now the Chicago native is busy with offshoots like The Everymom, plus a non-profit, a personal blog, and 2 small sons. Here’s how she spends her evenings keeping it all together… mostly.

5:30 P.M. Friday is always pizza night in our house–the boys love it. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so I got myself a Caulipower pizza to cook for myself while the boys all enjoy takeout from our favorite Chicago pizza place, Giordano’s… On Fridays, we also end our workday around 2:30 P.M…. so I try to have everything wrapped by 3:30, at which point I head downstairs for playtime with the boys. We eat early with them, since they are in bed by 7.

7:30 P.M. I recently invested in the Mirror workout system, and I’m hooked. I’ve actually started doing yoga and stretching in the evenings, and it feels amazing after sitting all day. I keep all of the lights off, and just zone out while stretching my body. I’m 35 years old now, and definitely feel achier than before, so it’s extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

8:30 P.M. In an effort to keep anxiety at bay, I only let myself watch comedy and romance type stuff, and I avoid reality TV and anything scary. As you can imagine, this doesn’t leave a lot of options. My latest binge was Bridgerton, but otherwise I’ll put an old favorite on in the background like The Office or Schitt’s Creek. Note to Mindy Kaling: Please make more shows!

9:30 P.M. I have gotten in deep with my skincare routine thanks to treating it like a source of entertainment during this never-ending stay-at-home order. My bougiest routine goes something like this: Cleanse with Kate Somerville gentle daily cleanser. Then apply a hydrating face sheet mask while enjoying a bath with my Equilibria CBD bath salts and listening to calming music. After the bath, I steam my face using my ionic face steamer from Vanity Planet. Then I apply Drunk Elephant B-Hydra intensive hydration serum, and top it off with a duo of oils: Equilibria daily treatment CBD oil and Omorovicza’s miracle facial oil. My dry skin loves this routine.

11 P.M. I’m trying to go to bed by 10 every night, but it’s usually [closer to] 11… My creative outlets usually center around decorating plans for our new house, [but] the only time I ever have to [do] mood boards is in bed, at night, with a favorite TV show on in the background… When I’m finally tired, I can fall asleep with lights on, TV on, doesn’t matter. I’ve always been a big sleeper.

MIDNIGHT: I remember my dreams most nights… in a recent dream my siblings and I were throwing a party at the house we grew up in; it was reminiscent of a high school movie. So many random faces from my past appeared. Kind of fun actually!