As a busy, driven woman, you’re constantly looking for your next big career move—but landing your dream job can be a stressful process. Putting your best foot forward during an interview is essential to guaranteeing you leave a lasting impression with the hiring manager, but bringing your A-game is easier said than done. In partnership with Fidelity Investments, we’re breaking down our best tips for interview success, so that you can walk into the meeting with total confidence. Bonus: Some of these tips could even be helpful when applying to a role at Fidelity Investments, because they’re hiring motivated finance professionals (could it be you?!) and want to help you blaze your own trail for career success. Get more info here.

  1. Be early. The early bird gets the worm–and the dream job. Because you can never anticipate something like delayed trains or horrible traffic, you should always pretend that your interview is 30 minutes earlier than it actually is, to ensure you arrive on time and are ready to go. Showing up late isn’t a good first look, and it’s important to be mindful that the person you’re meeting with likely has more interviews afterwards. (Meaning you’ll want to make sure you have enough time as possible to communicate your skills!)
  2. Do your research. The most effective way to show the hiring manager that you’re excited for a role is to convey that you know exactly what the company is up to, and that you have done more than just the standard 5-second Google search. Read up on any new announcements or partnerships that have recently been launched, go onto the brand’s website and explore their mission and values, and even go explore the product or service to familiarize yourself with the company. That way, when the interviewer asks why you want to work there, you have several reasons to share. Glued to Instagram and Twitter? Follow the company on social media to get a sense of what it’s like to work there and any projects the brand is excited about. 
  3. Bring your resume IRL. Nowadays it’s common for job candidates to simply attach their resume to an email before the meeting or rely on LinkedIn to showcase work experience, but the goal is to make the hiring manager’s life easier while they learn more about you. Make sure to always bring a clean, professional copy of your resume to the interview, so that the interviewer can quickly glance down at your skills, experience, and impressive attributes before the questions start. Who knows, maybe you’ll bond about going to the same college or having the same hobby!
  4. Always say thank you. Looking for the right person to fill a role is tough work, so make sure your interviewer knows how much you value their time with a “thank you” email sent within a few hours of your meeting. That way, you’re not only fresh in their mind after countless other interviews, but you’re also showing them you really care about landing the position. Be sure to include a line or two summarizing specific points from the meeting and why you think you could be a great fit, but keep it short and sweet. No one wants to read a three-paragraph-long email. 
  5. Interview the hiring manager. Even though you’re the one in the hot seat, it’s essential to ask questions, to ensure that your unique and valuable skills will be the right fit.  One of the most important questions to ask during the meeting is, “What does professional growth at this company look like?” There’s nothing more rewarding than being at a company that will help you achieve your career goals, which is why knowing how others in your potential position have moved up is extremely important. Some companies even address this directly with resources like Fidelity Investments’ portal, showcasing the career paths of actual women at the firm. Don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager at a large corporation for more information!