Our Newsette Network community spent April indulging in experiences that included spring flowers, girl bosses, and speaking frankly about finances. Below, we detail the events our members enjoyed.

Clé de Peau Hudson Yards Talk:

Once again, Harper’s Bazaar graciously hosted The Newsette Network at their fabulous event with Clé de Peau and Bag Snob founder, Tina Craig, that took place in the newly opened Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards. Before going upstairs to the beautiful Neiman Marcus store, some of us took a moment to step outside and check out the incredible Vessel that sits next to the west side highway. The copper color shimmered in the sunlight as New Yorkers and tourists pulled out their phones to capture the stunning new architecture piece. After admiring the newest NYC addition, we entered the mall and proceed up the elevator to the 6th floor, where we were welcomed by Harper’s Bazaar editors, who guided us to our seats. Waiters carried around glasses of sparkling water and champagne for guests to sip on while waiting for the discussion to start. Jenna Rosenstein, Senior Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, led the discussion with the extremely popular Instagram star, Tina Craig of Bag Snob. Jenna and Tina spoke about the importance of self-care and having a daily skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh and young. Tina shared with us her favorite Clé de Peau products, including the Vitality-Enhancing Eye Mask Supreme, which we were lucky enough to take home in our goodie bags. I tried mine that night and Tina was right, it left my skin feeling smooth and looking rejuvenated!


Financial Gym Panel:

This was not the first time Financial Gym shared their wisdom with us. Previously, they gave their advice on Three Easy Ways to Adult in Your Twenties. This time around, they invited The Newsette Network into their beautiful Flatiron HQ for a night of food, drinks and entrepreneurship. After spending some time mingling and talking to some of the financial advisors, we sat down and listened to Financial Gym founder, Shannon McLay, and panelists Lily Womble of Date Brazen and Lisa Galano of Lisa Galano Design. Lily and Lisa are both clients of Financial Gym and relied heavily on their financial advisors when starting both of their businesses. It was incredibly empowering to hear Shannon, Lisa and Lily’s stories about how they started their businesses, including the ups and downs of becoming an entrepreneur. If you haven’t already, go check out what Financial Gym has to offer. Their age demographic ranges from ages 17-75–so it is never too early to start thinking about your financial future and these Financial Gym women are here to help!


Scotts Flowers NYC:

As an early Mother’s Day celebration, Scotts Flowers NYC welcomed The Newsette Network into their beautiful midtown oasis to make our very own Mother’s Day arrangements. Upon arrival, we were met with a greeting from the famous Scotts Flowers cat, Scottie, and a room filled with gorgeous, upscale flower arrangements. Scotts Flowers NYC is a luxury flower delivery & subscription service that has worked on events with some of The Newsette’s favorite companies/brands, such as Bumble & Ulta Beauty. We had such an incredible time learning about different flowers, how to arrange them, and what goes into making the perfect bouquet….and, let me tell you, there are a lot more steps than you think! We highly recommend stopping by Scotts Flowers NYC to pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift or to treat yourself! When you do, say hi to Scottie for us!

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