Kelly Love and Allison Evans are two of the three co-founders of Branch Basics, a wellness brand that shares information on how to live a toxin-free lifestyle. In addition to offering health education to consumers, Branch Basics also sells a super powerful nontoxic cleaning formula that replaces all home cleaners. Kelly works on education, marketing, and design for the company. Allison recently became a mother of two under two-years-old, which has meant juggling new mom duties with conference calls. Below, these wellness bosses tell us how they spend their post-work evenings.

6:30 P.M. 

Kelly: If all’s going according to plan, we’re finishing up dinner. We try to sit down between 5:45 and 6pm to eat (sans technology) but it’s common to be a little late :). My 2-year-old daughter, Reid, is definitely happier the earlier we eat and my husband and I have come to love it too. We cook at home almost every night – either a Green Chef or just throw something simple together. After we finish, Reid gets on her stool, we each rinse our own plates (she’s a Montessori girl and loves doing things like this herself) and she washes her hands with “Basics.” She knows there’s no getting on our new, white couch for our post-dinner dance party until hands are washed!

Allison: The motherhood madness is in full swing! My husband is at work, so I put my 3-months-old baby in a sling and enlist my 2-year-old to “help” me make dinner, which I’ve usually prepped during their afternoon naps. Since becoming a mom of two, the Instant Pot is my new best friend! We strive for high-quality, real, homemade food every night, so a whole chicken, salmon, lentils, sauteed lamb, steamed and roasted veggies are my go-tos. My toddler has always eaten what we eat, so that does make things a little easier! But my little nursling seems to want to eat RIGHT when my plate hits the table. I mean, it’s mealtime, right!?

7 P.M.

Kelly: All three of us head to Reid’s room to get her ready for bed. Unless she really needs a bath, we only bathe her a few times a week to help maintain a healthy balance of skin bacteria. (It also helps to not overdry her skin during winter!) We usually use Branch Basics in the foaming pump since it’s not irritating to skin or eyes but switch it up some nights with Dr. Bronner’s baby mild bar soap since our bodies like variety. (Just like we don’t eat the same thing every day.) We brush teeth and read books. I love this time so much and I’m so grateful for it. I know we’re blessed to get to do it together as a family.

Allison: We throw our dishes, pots and pans in the sink and spray everything down with Branch Basics to make my husband’s cleaning job a little easier. 🙂 It’s time to throw my toddler in our master bathtub while I change, massage and prep my baby for bedtime. This is also when I do my own skin routine, using @PrimallyPure cleansing oil, toner and aaaamazing Blue Tansy Cream. I try to dry brush nightly before I throw my favorite @coyuchi nightshirt on, get my toddler out and head to her room for “nigh-nigh” time.

7:30 P.M.

Kelly: As soon as I leave Reid’s room, I go get my blue-blocker glasses and clean up the kitchen if my husband is putting Reid down to bed. If I’m putting her down, he cleans up!

Allison: My husband is usually walking in the door, and if so, he’ll take over putting our toddler down. We always say prayers as a family before I start putting the baby down. We co-sleep with our babies until about 6 months, so I head back to my room to nurse her to sleep next to me.

8 P.M.

Kelly: I get comfy and put on my (100% cotton) pajamas. I wash my face either with Mother Dirt cleanser or Branch Basics, apply moisturizer, either Luminance Hydration Moisturizer or Primally Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. As much as I know it’s best not to get on the computer or phone, I usually head to my desk to continue my work for the day. This is my most productive work time without distractions.

Allison: Work time! I wait until we’ve had our quiet mama-daughter nursing moments and let her go into deep sleep before I plug my phone in and start tackling emails and responding to a few hours’ worth of Slack messages (our Branch Basics team message app). I try to avoid excessive EMFs from my phone next to my baby’s head, so I plug my cell phone into a phone jack using an ethernet cable, connecting directly to my home’s internet. While I can’t make calls this way, there are no EMFs as I respond to emails, catch up on Instagram messages and read health articles while holding my daughter.

9 P.M.

Kelly: Usually still working! I like to keep the overhead lights off and just use my salt lamp. The soft light along with my blue-blocking glasses and my computer brightness turned low helps create a more relaxing environment.

Allison: I sneak away from the baby and head downstairs to a clean kitchen (this is my love language!) and chat with my husband about our days while I make a snack: apple and almond butter, avocado toast, or a quick bowl of oatmeal to boost my milk supply if I’ve felt it dip. We are big oatmeal eaters (with an abundance of toppings and add-ins!), so I usually soak a few cups of rolled oats in water for our “overnight oats” breakfast the next morning. This is also when I take all my nighttime supplements.

9:30 P.M.

Kelly: Ideally I’m finishing up work and do a few minutes of stretching.

My ideal goal is bed at 9pm but my more realistic goal is 10pm. Too often though, it’s 10:30 or even 11 by the time I go to sleep. As soon as I get in bed – with wi-fi unplugged, Austin Air air purifier on high, and organic cotton eye-mask on – I thankfully fall asleep in about two minutes!

Allison: The baby has usually awoken a little in this time period, so I head upstairs to comfort her. She sleeps snuggled up to me, nursing on and off through the night, and crawling in bed to draw her little body next to me is the absolute best part of my day. Everything else – the anxieties, busyness, stress of motherhood and work – fades as we fall asleep for the night. 🙂