Joana de Noronha & Carmen Borgonovo are the founders of Borgo de Nor, the whimsical womenswear brand sold at major retailers like Net-a-Porter, Saks, and Shopbop. Inspired by bold women, Borgo de Nor pieces are tailored to perfection and feature striking prints. Luxe fabrics, unique designs, and dresses named after fierce females? Count us as fans. Of her busy day, Joana says, “I love a routine! The structure makes me feel organized and in control of my life… you do however need to leave some wiggle room for spontaneity and improvisation– the best moments are often the ones we haven’t planned for.” Carmen, a former fashion editor, says, “I’m pretty much a free spirit and my schedule changes weekly- it all depends on what is happening work wise and personally.” We sat down with these fashion bosses to see how they each wrap up a typical day. Find their nightly routines below.

6:30 P.M.

Joana: Kids’ baths and dinner time. I usually have an early dinner with my boys. I am quite conscious about how we eat and what we eat at home. Well-balanced, nutritious and freshly made meals are very important when you have small children whom you want to grow into healthy and strong young men. Luckily we’re a family of foodies and we like pretty much everything. My children would happily choose a bowl of broccoli over chips, and love trying new things.

Carmen: Hopefully wrapping up the day at the office.

7 P.M.

Joana: Kids’ bedtime. Brushing teeth and The Berenstain Bears + the usual bedtime battle ☺

Carmen: You can find me at Hot Pod Yoga. I love hot yoga and I have found a small yoga center near the office in Notting Hill. It’s a vinyasa practice done in 38 degrees Celsius heat. I find it so relaxing and good for my body and I love working out in the heat – it reminds me of my childhood in Miami and doing sports in warmer weather. I leave the class feeling relaxed, energized and happy. If I can’t make it to class on time and I don’t have evening plans I try to walk home. It’s a short lovely 15-minute walk through Notting Hill. I love walking through the neighborhood and peeking into the perennial English private gardens in the neighborhood.

8 P.M.

Joana: Me time. A piece of extra dark chocolate (85%) and a generous glass of red wine to help unwind. I like spending a moment alone with my thoughts.

Carmen: Arrive at home and start cooking dinner. Although my husband and I are not vegetarian I tend to cook mostly vegetarian at home. My specialty is chickpea burgers, all kinds of fresh vegetable soups, broccoli and kale rolls and green salad with avocado and scallions – very homey fresh food. On a night out I’m usually out to dinner with friends, and my husband and I love to go to plays and attend Intelligence Squared forums in London – a debate platform that covers engaging global issues. We just recently went to a wonderful Ibsen play The Lady from the Sea in a small art house theatre, The Print Room at the Coronet in Notting Hill and attended a Brexit Talk at Intelligence Squared.

8:30 P.M. 

Joana: This is usually the time I get to call my family/friends and catch up. They sometimes come over for a glass of wine.

Carmen: Sit down and enjoy a nice dinner at home with my husband or friends during the week. My niece is currently studying in London so we usually have a weekly “family dinner” or we often have friends staying with us from out of town. We usually have friends over once or twice a week for a relaxed simple dinner at home. We enjoy having people over and love it when people drop by for dinner last minute.

9 P.M.

Joana: I love going to bed early, and if I am staying in, I’ll be in bed as early as 9pm, reading a book, or on my computer skimming through emails, reading the news or watching a movie.

Carmen: Time to start winding down for the evening and relaxing. I would like to say we read but our guilty pleasure (close to an addiction) is Netflix. Currently, we are watching Americans. Sometimes I multi-task and return emails whilst watching a show.

9:30 P.M. 

Joana: My bedtime beauty routine takes no longer than 5 minutes, but I do feel it’s important to give your face all the important ingredients to “absorb” overnight, so that you wake up looking fresh and rested. I usually use Biotherm gel face wash, and Bio Effect EGF Cellular Activating serum, which is an excellent moisturizer and toner.

Time you go to bed:

Joana: I usually turn the lights off by 10.30-11pm, as I need to wake up at 6.30am to take the kids to school and I absolutely need my 8 hours of sleep!

I also have lavender oil on my nightstand, which I like to sprinkle on my pillow before I go to sleep. I love the smell of lavender, and it’s also known to have calming effects.

Carmen: Unfortunately, I go to bed between 11pm and 12am. It’s a little late, but this gives me a couple of hours of relaxation after work. My beauty routine is quite simple. I cleanse with Votary cleansing oil and then I moisturize with Sarah Chapman’s overnight facial and night cream. If I’m not too tired I try to read a little, but usually I only get through a page or two before I fall asleep.