Tasya Teles is an actress you might recognize as Echo from the hit CW show The 100. Or, from her other roles in top series like Travelers and Prison Break. Currently filming The 100, she splits her time between Vancouver and LA, where her sister and nephews are based. If being a series regular on one of TV’s biggest shows isn’t enough, she’s also a partner in Parlour Restaurants, with two locations in Canada, and is passionate about doing work to end human trafficking. Wondering how this CW star winds down after a busy day on set? Find her nightly routine below.

6:30 P.M. If it’s been a crazy few days, I might come home and run a cold bath. It’s kind of my cheeky at-home version of cryotherapy. Cooling your body is a really good way to fight inflammation and slow down the aging process, so I’m all for it! I try to do this early in the afternoon, or evening for about 15-20mins. I’ll start with lukewarm water, and once I’m in, I’ll start running the water cold. It takes time to get used to, but it’s been a game changer for me. I’m fully addicted now. My friends think I’m crazy, but a few who have tried it now love it!

7 P.M. Feeling refreshed, I get dressed and I hit up the grocery store. I love to cook, but don’t have much time to make healthy meals every night, especially in the winter while I’m filming in Vancouver. I’ll usually make big pots of soup with a bone broth base, and toss a bunch of fresh veggies from the self-serve salad bar at Whole Foods (I don’t wanna wash and chop all those vegetables myself!). I’ll get some meat, usually turkey, and something fresh like cilantro, tomatoes, or avocado as a garnish to brighten up the soup, and then a flavoured olive oil for some richness.  

I love soups as meals. The broth keeps you hydrated, it’s easy to digest, you get all your veggies and nutrients for the day, and there are so many flavours to explore! I’ll always make extra and freeze it quickly for easy leftovers. I’ll throw on some music or a podcast while I cook; I can’t get enough of the Bulletproof podcasts right now. I’m a huge Bulletproof nerd.

8 P.M. Dinner time! I’ll plop down on the couch and eat my soup while I peruse social media and look at my general life obligations.  If I am filming the next day, I’ll review my work, continue breaking down the script, and work on my scenes. Sometimes I listen to The 100 soundtrack while I work to get into the zone. If I’m not focused on script-work I’ll put on The Good Place, or some reality TV quietly in the background while I’m on my computer. I love Million Dollar Listing!

8:30 P.M. Once I’ve eaten dinner and tidied, things get tricky because my sleep patterns are all over the place. My schedule varies so dramatically so it’s hard to find the perfect routine, but typically my call times are as early as 4am, so I try my best to wind down for bed after dinner, which is usually between 8:30 and 9pm.

If I am working on my computer I’ll adjust my monitor to reduce the blue light on the screen. I use Flux app on my laptop, manually dim my iPhone settings, and have my house lights on a timer to dim at 8pm. Sometimes I forget about the timers, and I’ll be in the middle of something, and suddenly the room will get dark. It’s a great reminder that I can’t work all night. That’s when I know I have to think about how much work is left, and make a decision about whether it’s going to be a late night, or an early night. I’m a natural night owl, so going to bed is a challenge for me, but I’m trying to learn how to get enough sleep for those 4am calls!

9 P.M. If it’s an early night I’ll make a licorice tea (I hate licorice-flavored everything, but oddly, I love the tea!), I’ll grab a book and start getting ready for bed. I usually take 5HTP, Melatonin, and GABA to wind down, as well as a probiotic, which calms your nervous system.

If it’s a late work night, I’ll treat myself with popcorn and wine while I work. I often grab a bag of popcorn and toss it with Himalayan salt, and a spicy oil for flavor.  I’m obsessed with Pinch’s hot sauce because the products are well-balanced, flavorful, and don’t slap you in the face with aggressive heat. Perfect for my popcorn snack!

9:30 P.M. I love a good skin routine before bed. It’s kind of like a meditation for me. I’ve armed myself with some solid products that I rotate between, depending on what my skin is telling me. I typically wash my face with a gentle cleanser, like Tatcha Camelia Oil Cleanser, and the Rice Enzyme exfoliator, both of which I’m obsessed with. If I had a photoshoot or was on set that day and my skin still feels covered gunk, I’ll exfoliate with Tammy Fender’s Epi Peel for a deeper clean.  

I alternate between a retinol serum and Skinceuticals Vitamin C Ferulic. In winter months, I’ll finish with the Alitura PM lotion, which is a thick cream I keep in the fridge because there are so many active ingredients.

Oh! And recently I picked up the Foreo UFO which is pretty fantastic. LED devices are great for anti-aging; this one offers three different LED lights, red, blue, or green, and it heats your skin to absorb the serums, then cools to seal the product into your skin. The mild vibrations are super relaxing before bed too.

10 P.M. Nights when I’m at my best I’ll map out my next day from start to finish. I’ll gauge my energy levels at bedtime and look at fitness class options for the next day to see which one tickles me the most, and then build my day from there. When I’m super busy I literally have to write down the exact sequence of things I need to accomplish in logistical order for me to be effective. When I’m up in the morning, it’s go time, and if I don’t have a plan, all is lost and chaos and confusion will consume me. Making a plan puts my mind at ease so I can go to sleep without worrying about that never-ending to-do list. Then to shake it all off I’ll try to do some breathing and meditation, usually with some sort of relaxation playlist on Spotify, or singing bowls, which help zone me out and get me nice and sleepy.

11 P.M. If I’m still up by 11pm, I’ll turn on a fan, or listen to a story on my Calm App, or put on a Netflix show that doesn’t have a lot of action. The Crown and House of Cards are my go-tos, but sometimes I’ll put on a history show if I find the tone soothing and relaxing. Basically it has to be boring enough for me to not want to watch it. I’ll throw on an eye-mask, and have a silk pillow case to protect my hair and skin while I sleep.

12 A.M. I’ll usually fall asleep around midnight.