Noura Sakkijha is the Founder and CEO of Mejuri, the innovative everyday fine jewelry brand, without traditional markups. Though starting a brand with such high cost materials is a risk, diamonds are practically in her blood: Noura is the third generation in a family of jewelers, which exposed her to traditional production techniques, as well as the complexity of fine jewelry design, at an early age. Before starting her disruptive company, she studied industrial engineering, then consulted at one of Toronto’s top financial institutions. Tired of the narrative that fine jewelry is an occasional purchase typically marketed to men, Noura leveraged her learnings from the industry to create the next-generation jewelry brand. And, just a few years later, she raised $23 million while 7 months pregnant with twin girls. We asked this impressive entrepreneur to break down a typical night in her life. Find her post-work routine below. 

5:30 P.M. I used to get home later in the evening, but now with 8-month-old twins, I’m diligent about leaving the office at 5pm sharp – I even have it blocked out in my calendar. 

As soon as I get home, I run to hold Joud and Julia and we begin playtime – and dance time! My husband Majed and I get such joy from making the girls laugh. It’s my favorite and most precious part of my day. 

6:00 P.M. Followed by playtime, it’s bath time and the last feeding for the twins. They’re so energetic, so we try to ensure they’re sleepy before we put them to bed at 6:30pm. 

6:30 P.M. I then try to dedicate some time to myself; each day is different and based on need. While I love having a structure and routine with the twins, I don’t consider myself a creature of habit. If I don’t have a work event or get-together with friends, I’ll go to my favorite yoga class or get my nails done – followed by dinner. 

For dinner, my go-to is anything carb-heavy and usually Italian or Asian-inspired (my weakness!) – though I do try to have a salad at least once a week! Sometimes, Majed and I will go out for dinner – especially on Fridays (our dedicated date night). We live in an amazing area in Toronto with new restaurants constantly popping up to try – no reservations needed.

8:00 P.M. It’s hard to turn off completely during my evenings, so I dedicate time to checking emails and brainstorming for the weeks ahead. If it’s an evening on the weekend, this is usually the time I start getting ready to either host friends over or go out with friends while the twins are sleeping. 

9:30 P.M. Later in the evening, I love to curl up and watch television – I’m currently loving Succession

10:00 P.M. I try to go to bed around 10pm. Though I aim for 7 hours of sleep, it usually doesn’t happen with the twins! On the weekends, however, I am usually out until 11pm or midnight – living on the wild side, I know.