It’s officially the Age of Aquaria. The model and activist was just 21 when she won RuPaul’s Drag Race; since then, she’s been a Moschino campaign star, a NYX Cosmetics guest designer, and a Billboard pop musician. (She was also the first drag queen on the Met Gala’s iconic red carpet in 2019.) Now Aquaria has partnered with Motorola Razr for the #flipyourlook challenge, an Instagram fundraiser that encourages fashion fans to redo their favorite outfits for a good cause: the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Here’s how Aquaria’s living the glam life while working from home, adjusting her ultra-fabulous wardrobe for protests, keeping her beauty game strong, and more.

6 P.M. This is when I’m finally waking up. Kidding! My days are always super varied, but I love to try and cook a healthy dinner somewhere between 6 and 8… I love to try and put some effort into my meals when possible.

6:30 P.M. I’ve been jokingly saying that most days, I’m dressed like a fashion design intern in all black. However, these outfits have actually proven more useful than I expected. As we are currently experiencing a powerful and past-due chapter of the civil rights movement, I’ve found my simple day outfits have flipped from being chic and simplistic to necessary and protective when I attend marches, protests, and rallies. Hopefully, I’ll flip into some sequins and rhinestones soon…

7 P.M. [This is when] I try to be super-mindful of not letting my apartment get overrun by my clothes. Since I always have a new outfit idea on my mind, my closet is constantly ebbing and flowing. I like when my house at least seems clean and organized, so when I notice pieces falling behind the dressers or to the back of my closet, I either try to find new inspiration for them, or I donate them to local clothing drives and up-and-coming performers. I’m super grateful that I have so many talented friends who try to keep me styling, but I know that a lot of the time, donating some colorful or fun pieces can really make a difference in someone else’s day or mood. Finding a good balance between keeping a versatile closet and being able to share some of my gently-used items with others definitely makes me feel like I’m continuing to make mindful choices to help reduce waste in the world.

8 P.M. I’m trying to wind down and tie up any loose ends from the day, as well as make sure I’m prepared to conquer what’s to come the following day.

9 P.M. If I’m in “full glam,” I try to take my makeup off immediately after my gig, photo shoot, [Instagram] shoot, etc. I love giving my skin time to breathe after even just a few hours of makeup… My favorite skincare products are all of them!

10 P.M. I’m trying to relax by watching videos on YouTube. I love informative historical videos, Pokemon Top 10s, cooking shows, and wig coloring videos.

11:30 P.M. I check my Razr phone before I go to bed, always. The world is changing so rapidly, so I definitely try to stay as up-to-date with current events as possible. Also, I usually set my alarm right before bed, since my wake-up time varies every day.

12:30 A.M. Probably (and realistically!) I’m not in bed until after midnight. It would be fierce to have a “normal” sleep schedule, but my days are ever-changing, especially when I work super-late, and I change time zones often when I’m touring. So I just kind of go with the flow, and listen to whatever my body is telling me… but I always brush my teeth first!